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The English Theatre Of Hamburg

June, 2013

Dear Friends of The English Theatre of Hamburg,

This is the last newsletter of the 2012—2013 Season. We hope you have enjoyed the plays we have produced for you. If you have not yet seen BIG BOYS by Rich Orloff, time is running out. It closes at the end of June. You will receive the first newsletter of the 2013—2014 Season in August with photos of the actors who will appear in STONE COLD MURDER by James Cawood. This new British thriller will be the first production of our next season. Teaching material for both of these plays can now be downloaded from our website .

Something new that we hope you will enjoy is coming to The English Theatre of Hamburg next season. If you need to get a present for someone at the last minute it will be no problem? We will be using print(at)home which allows you to order and print out your own original theatre tickets or gift vouchers. You will also be able to print out single tickets, and subscribers can use the code on their vouchers to print their original tickets. You can do all this on your home computer at the beginning of our new Season 2013/14. It’s an easy way to organize an entertaining evening in the theatre.

We wish the best to all of you during theatre’s summer break and we look forward to seeing you again starting in September.

Sincerely yours,

The Directors

Clifford Dean and Robert Rumpf

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This issue

Production photos: BIG BOYS by Rich Orloff

(Set design by Mathias Wardeck)

Victor attacks his young assistant

Victor (Alan Booty) attacks his young assistant, Norman (James Groom), and pins him down on the desk. To defend himself, Norman (James Groom) kicks his boss in the groin, and Victor has to lie down with a hot water bottle to recover.

Victor has finally persuaded Norman

Victor has finally persuaded Norman to listen to him and learn how brutal and uncaring one must be in order to succeed in the world of business. Norman decides to listen, but whether he will become like his unethical boss is another matter.

To obtain the teaching material for this play click here.

Life for English actors in Hamburg

Alan BootyWritten by Alan Booty:
James Groom and I both feel very touched by the friendly response and lovely support from the audiences here in Hamburg. We have to keep pinching ourselves that we are playing to people for whom our language is foreign. Thank you very much, everyone, for your warm-hearted appreciation. James has fallen in love with Rosinenschnecken, his standard breakfast on matinee days. They last just long enough for the journey from Barmbek to Mundsburg. We both find the voice on the train of the female robot sexy: No-one could announce 'Nächster Halt: Hamburger Straaaaaaße' quite like her. And the joy in her intonation of 'Munds-burg' adds to the pleasure of getting off. In contrast, I am embarrassed to declare that I can more or less imitate Lotto King Carl's announcement for Denhaide. Oh dear. Alan is very pleased to discover that the Currywurst could have originated in Hamburg and is at least 66 years old - although the one served to him by the scary tattooed lady at Landungsbrücken was actually quite fresh. We love 'Flickenschildt', especially the Bratkartoffeln und Spiegeleier. James loves to go for a run in the Stadtpark, I go for walks there.

On one occasion, whilst practising my lines on a bench, I got some strange looks. Maybe being overheard saying the line: 'Did you do any fornicating last weekend?' aroused too much attention. The 'Hamburger Meile' was not yet open the last time I was here. We both like it - it's great for Mundsburg that you can now buy more than some Schaumstoff and a Prothese. We love the city - there is so much to see and do here and yet it is reasonably compact. We loved the PIXAR exhibition - the one about 'böse Dinge' sounds interesting. What do we say when buying a ticket - 'Dürfen wir Ihre bösen Dinge sehen?' ('May we see your naughty things? Nasty things?) - or does it sound like we have found our 'inner Victor'?

Press Clippings (BIG BOYS by Rich Orloff)

SZENE, June, 2013
In “Big Boys” treffen zwei Business-Generationen aufeinander. Es entsteht ein Schlagabtausch mit unterhaltsamen Dialogen, Ghettomücke beim Szenenwechsel, Klischee-behafteten Gags und viel Dirty Talk—inklusive Penislängenvergleich. Das muss man mögen, um den Abend als gelungen bewerten zu können. Das Publikum amüsiert sich köstlich. Alan Booty verkörpert den arroganten, wahnsinnigen und emotional verkrüppelten Wirtschaftsdinosaurier so gut, dass einen der Ekel überkommt. Sein junger Schauspielkollege James Groom steht ihm in nichts nach. Er wandelt sich im Laufe der Vorstellung von einem mitleiderregenden stotternden verunsicherten „Nice Guy“ zum selbstbewussten, schlagfertigen Jungunternehmer und bleibt stets authentisch.

Die Auswärtige Presse, May, 2013
It goes without saying that director Clifford Dean chose two outstanding actors for this “vaudeville and sketch comedy.” Alan Booty is the Big Boss Victor Burlington who takes great pleasure in bullying and humiliating his “nerd” – young and idealistic Norman Waterbury, played by James Groom. Insults, four-letter-words as well as aggressive physical attacks are essential ingredients of this non-stop fury of funny. An American critic is hitting it on the head by stating that our culture struggles to find the sweet spot between honourable behaviour and success in business.

WochenBlatt, May, 2013
Clifford Deans Inszenierung “Big Boys” lebt von den Schauspielern der beiden Rollen. Alan Booty ist ein umwerfender Widerling. Mit jeder Faser seines Seins verkörpert er hingebungsvoll den Macho-Boss, der nur seinen Gummibaum liebt. James Groom ist schon äußerlich sein Gegenpart, ganz schmaler, hoffnungsfroher Jüngling. Groom meistert die Entwicklung des jungen Norman vom naiven Assistenten über die Entdeckung der Lust an der Macht bis zum (hoffentlich) fairen Jungunternehmer überzeugend.


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