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The English Theatre Of Hamburg

December, 2012

Dear Friends of The English Theatre of Hamburg,

We hope you will find time to get to the English Theatre to see one of the funniest plays ever written, TOUCH AND GO by Derek Benfield (see press clippings below). We promise that it will lift your spirits in these dark winter days. As you will see from the photos below, old favorites James Walmsley, Debbie Radcliffe and Stephen Chance have returned to assure that there will be plenty to laugh about this holiday season. Yvonne Delahaye performed in our theatre years ago in the long running HOLGER GOES TO ENGLAND, the young people’s play written by Robert Rumpf and the late Harm Körding. The glamorous and talented Amy Newton is a newcomer and we are thrilled to have her with us in the current production.

After TOUCH AND GO we will be presenting Oscar Wilde’s popular comedy THE IMPORTANCE OF BEING EARNEST, to be directed by Julian Woolford who directed the successful production of MRS WARREN’S PROFESSION here two years ago. Our last play of the season is BIG BOYS, by Rich Orloff, a madcap comedy about corporate culture in America. You can book tickets now for TOUCH AND GO and the last two plays of the season.

If you haven’t already done so, please visit our website: www.englishtheatre.de. It is possible for you to download free teaching material from the site which includes summaries of our plays.

We welcome you to make comments on our Facebook and Twitter pages (see the first page of the website). You can also write in the guestbook on our website. We appreciate hearing from you.

If you haven’t already seen it, we hope you will enjoy TOUCH AND GO and we wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Sincerely yours,

The Directors

Clifford Dean and Robert Rumpf

The English Theatre of Hamburg  |  U-Bahn Mundsburg
Lerchenfeld 14  |  22081 Hamburg  |  Germany
Fax: 040 229 50 40  |  Tickets: 040 227 70 89
This issue

Photos of TOUCH AND GO by Derek Benfield

(Photo by Mathias Wardeck)

The play takes place in two flats
The play takes place in two flats: the one on the left belongs to George and Jessica, and the one on the right to Brian and Hilary. The flats are about two miles apart. The set showing the two flats was designed by Mathias Wardeck.
Brian, George and Wendy
Brian (James Walmsley), George (Stephen Chance) and Wendy (Amy Newton)
Brian is married to Hilary, but he is having an affair with Wendy. George lets them
use his flat once a week, but now George's wife, Jessica, has come home unexpectedly,
and both men want Wendy to leave before Jessica finds out what is going on.
George (right) is having an affair
George (right) is having an affair with Hilary (Debbie Radcliffe), who
is married to George's best friend, Brian (left). George wants Hilary
to leave his flat before Brian finds out about their relationship.
Jessica (Yvonne Delahaye)
Jessica (Yvonne Delahaye) is the last one in the play to discover
who is having an affair with whom. At first she is terribly shocked
and embarrassed, but she gets over her naiveté quickly because she
herself is not entirely innocent when it comes to extramarital romance.

Gift Vouchers for the Holiday Season

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Press Clippings for TOUCH AND GO

Hamburger Abendblatt, 28 November 2012
Schwarzhumorige Ehefarce im English Theatre

In der Inszenierung von Robert Rumpf gehen gleich zwei Paare über Kreuz mit dem Partner des jeweils anderen fremd. Zugegeben, keine sehr realistische Konstellation, aber so erfrischend und schrankenlos gespielt, dass man alle Ansprüche an die Glaubwürdigkeit rasch über Bord wirft und sich dem Furor der Ereignisse überlässt.
Der Plot bietet . . . jede Menge Gelegenheit zu Situationskomik, Ausflüchten, Peinlichkeiten. Und provoziert einen unerwartet lustvollen Anschlag auf das Zwerchfell.


Currents (The American Women‘s Club magazine), 27 November, 2012
Touch and Go
Run, don’t walk, to the newest English Theatre production Touch and Go, directed by Robert Rumpf.
Touch and Go was written in 1982 by British actor and playwright Derek Benfield (1926-2009). Although now 30 years old, this play is as fresh, funny and true-to-life, as if it were new today. You’ll recognize your friends, partner, and, whether you admit it or not, yourself, too. The timing is perfect; the comical expressions often exaggerated so that you “get it.” I never thought I’d think it would be hilariously funny to see someone choke on a peanut. Here there is a crisp approach to an age-old topic: cheating on your spouse and nothing is predictable right up to the last line. After the premiere, we had a chance to talk with the actors. That is when I realized how truly talented they are; off stage they were nice, normal people. On stage they took on an energy and vibrancy that embraced the whole theater and definitely kept my full attention.


Die Auswärtige Presse, 2 December, 2012
By Uta Buhr
TOUCH AND GO, the new play at The English Theatre of Hamburg

This hilarious comedy by the British playwright Derek Benfield is just the ideal entertainment on a grey November evening and certainly the right thing for Christmas or New Year’s Eve.
The audience thanked the five wonderful actors by a standing ovation. Four of them are already known to the regular visitors of the theatre – James Walmsley (Brian), Debbie Radcliffe (Hilary), Stephen Chance (George), and Yvonne Delahaye (Jessica). The only new face belonged to Amy Newton who played Wendy.

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