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December, 2010

Dear Friends of The English Theatre of Hamburg,

A Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all of you.

We are currently presenting Patrick Cargill’s hilarious comedy DON’T MISUNDERSTAND ME, a perfect show for the Holiday Season. You will see some familiar faces in the production. We are welcoming back Jan Hirst, Stephen Chance and James Walmsley. All three worked together in our production of CAUGHT IN THE NET by Ray Cooney. Jan and Stephen also appeared together here in DOUBT by John Patrick Shanley. Other productions in which Stephen and James performed at The English Theatre of Hamburg are listed in their online biographies. We’re happy to welcome newcomers Madeleine Hutchins and Liz Garland who are performing here for the first time. Of course, we hope to have them back again as well.

After DON’T MISUNDERSTAND ME we will be presenting Bernard Shaw’s popular classic MRS WARREN’S PROFESSION which will be directed by Julian Woolford, thanks to a special grant from the Kulturbehörde. Our last play of the season is ROSE’S DILEMMA, a comedy by Neil Simon. You can book tickets now for the last two plays of the season.

If you haven’t already done so, please visit our website:  It is possible for you to download free teaching material from the site which includes summaries of our plays. If you would like to receive our occasional newsletter with photos and information about the theatre, just send an email to and we will put you on our newsletter list.  

We also welcome you to make comments on our Facebook and Twitter pages (see the first page of the website). You can also write in our guestbook. We appreciate hearing from you.

We hope you enjoy DON’T MISUNDERSTAND ME as much as we have enjoyed working on it.

Sincerely yours,

Clifford Dean and Robert Rumpf

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This issue

Photos of Patrick Cargill’s DON’T MISUNDERSTAND ME

The Cast: Madeleine Hutchins, Jan Hirst, Stephen Chance, Liz Garland, James Walmsley


Charles leans on his younger brother for support when the
girl with whom he had an affair turns up unexpectedly.

Charles' Wife

Charles’ wife, Margery, mistakenly thinks her husband’s
younger brother, Robert, had an affair instead of her own
husband. Her misunderstanding bewilders Robert’s wife.



 Christmas Gift 

Christmas Gift


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Die Auswärtige Presse, 6.12.10
Wie üblich, wartet  das Englische Theater an der Mundsburg zu Weihnachten und zum Jahreswechsel mit einer spritzigen Komödie auf. Diese leichtfüßige Verwechslungskomödie dreht sich um den gar nicht so braven Familienvater Charles, der einer New Yorker Affaire selbst im heimatlichen England nicht so leicht entkommen kann.

Hamburg Express, 27.11.10
On Thursday evening the English Theatre of Hamburg held its premiere of the play Don't Misunderstand Me by Patrick Cargill. Apart from the usual wine-filled air of the foyer (as it is common at premieres), the play did more to brighten up your mood than any alcohol could have.  Jan Hirst, James Walmsley, Stephen Chance, Liz Garland and Madeleine Hutchins, do a brilliant job entertaining the crowd. You can see a love of detail and well-trained acting skills that you rarely witness….   The unveiling of the whole saga…makes you laugh out loudly and almost painfully.  Being used to London's West End performances; it is refreshing to witness a play that is spoken in clear and accessible English. The actors, who are all from the UK, excel in bringing the 1980s British, understated flair to the stage. Not for one moment do the actors succumb to flamboyance and hilariousness with their acting, but remain earnest and deliver thus optimal delight. Make sure you catch this play to brighten up your grim autumn mood. 


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