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October 2009

Dear Friends of The English Theatre of Hamburg

QUARTET, by Ronald Harwood, closes on 14 November. Our next production, Robin Hawdon’s hilarious comedy BIRTHDAY SUITE, opens on 23 November. For the second play we are welcoming back Susan Casanove, who performed in our pro-duction of GAMEPLAN, and Katie Kensit, whom many of you saw in ROLEPLAY. Stephen Chance is returning too. He appeared in CAUGHT IN THE NET last season. The remaining two actors, Vernon Bass and Jamie Menard (pictured in our photo gallery) are new to our stage, but we hope to have them back again as well.

The English Theatre of Hamburg

This issue

QUARTET: Closes 14 November

Katrina Norbury and Stephen von Schreiber Alan Booty, Katrina Norbury, Elizabeth Yuill and Stephen von Schreiber

Die Botschaft lautet: Welche Bedeutung hat die biologische Uhr für Menschen, die mit Lebensmut und Leidenschaft ihrer Kunst frönen und somit über das Alter triumphieren!

Fazit: Ein rundum gelungener Abend, der ebenso froh wie nachdenklich stimmte.

DIE AUSWÄRTIGE PRESSE e.V., 14 September 2009


Photo Gallery

Actors in Robin Hawdon’s BIRTHDAY SUITE:

Stephen Chance Vernon Bass Susan Casanove Jamie Menard Katie Kensit

Miniature model of the set of the BIRTHDAY SUITE set:

As many of you know, our Set Designer, Mathias Wardeck, always makes a miniature model before he begins to build the actual set. This gives him and the director a chance to make sure that all of the measurements, etc. are correct. It�s time consuming work, but it�s easier to make changes in miniature than it is when a large set is half way built.

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