April, 2009 Newsletter

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Our final play of the current 2008/2009 Season, SIX DANCE LESSONS IN SIX WEEKS, premieres on 7 May. You can book tickets now, either online or by phoning our box office (040 - 227 7089). The New Yorker wrote about this play that it will give you "a deliciously funny and touching evening," which will be a nice uplifting way to end the theatre season.

If you would like to read our teaching material for the play (complete with summary) to help you prepare for an evening in the theatre, please find out below in the right hand column how you can get a free copy.

The Cast of



We are happy that Anah will be returning soon to The English Theatre of Hamburg, this time to dance as well as act. Anah appeared here previously, playing three very different roles, in the 2005/2006 production of Neil Simon's comedy LONDON SUITE.



Lee has performed at The English Theatre of Hamburg twice before. He was in D. B. Gilles' MEN'S SINGLES in 2005 and in Jeff Baron's VISITING MR. GREEN in 2007. This time we are fortunate in that we will be able to enjoy his dancing as well as his acting talent. He became famous for his singing and dancing in the boy band CAUGHT IN THE ACT.


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33rd Season
(2008 / 2009)



by A. R. Gurney

Nina (Heather Tracy) and her playwright brother John (Steve Dineen) reconcile with each other. At first Nina was angry that John had written only a small role for the actress playing her in his play. John knows now that Nina has done a great deal more for the family than he realized, and he also has learned that she has unfulfilled dreams of her own. He encourages her to be daring and turn her dreams into reality. She, on the other hand, tells him to go ahead with his intention to write his play about the family, but to give her role more importance because she intends to follow his advice and break out of her routine life, which is limited by the help she gives to others, and finally do what is necessary to fulfill her own dreams.

After much turmoil about the way John (Steve Dineen) intends to portrait his family in his play, he and his mother (Jennifer Thorne) and father (Rory McCallum) come to a satisfactory agreement and the cocktail hour comes to an amicable close.


Teaching Material

If you are interested in receiving our free teaching material which includes summaries of our current play, A.R. Gurney's THE COCKTAIL HOUR, and our next play, SIX DANCE LESSONS IN SIX WEEKS by Richard Alfieri, just click on the images below or on the Teaching Material link at the bottom of this page. If you have a problem with this link you can send us an email (ethamburg@onlinehome.de) or phone the box office (040 227 7089) and we will send you a free copy of the teaching material by email.



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