November, 2008 Newsletter

Dear Email Friends,

Thanks to you and the many letters and emails to Hamburg's politicians, The English Theatre of Hamburg is on the radar screen in the Hamburg City Hall. The Kulturbehörde has invited us to a meeting on 2 December to discuss our financial situation. We'll let you know in the December newsletter how things turn out for the theatre.

CAUGHT IN THE NET, an hilarious comedy by Ray Cooney, premieres on 27 November. Photos of the actors in the play are below. Four of them may be familiar to you. Do you recognize them?

James Walmsley

Stephen Chance

Jan Hirst

Sarah Ogley

Dominic Waldron

Charlotte Sutherland

Philip Hope


33rd Season
(2008 / 2009)

Now playing until 15 November, 2008


by Christopher Hampton

Dave (Matt Hyde), Patrick (Andrew Fitch) and Ann (Lil Binham) in the final scene of Christopher Hampton's TREATS. This show closes on 15 November and is too good to miss.

Final Press Clippings for TREATS:

WochenBlatt, 22 October
Lil Binham, Matt Hyde und Andrew Fitch verschmelzen mit ihren Charakteren und liefern sich einen äußerst glaubwürdigen Beziehungskrieg. Der Zuschauer fühlt sich seltsam ertappt. Wie ein unfreiwilliger Zeuge sitzt er--die familiäre Atmosphäre des kleinen Theaters am Lerchenfeld macht es möglich--mit in Anns Wohnzimmer und möchte am liebsten ins Geschehen eingreifen.

Die Auswaertige-Presse, 13 October
Einmal wieder hat Regisseur Robert Rumpf ein glückliches Händchen bei der Auswahl seiner Protagonisten bewiesen. Die bildhübsche Lil Binham verkörpert die wankelmütige, sich ihrer Gefühle nicht sichere Ann mit höchster Intensität. Wir kennen die junge Mimin bereits aus dem Erfolgsstück "Alone Together", das unlängst auf der Mundsburger Bühne lief. Der sadistisch angehauchte Macho Dave ist eine Paraderolle für Matt Hyde. Er spielt seinen Part so rasant, dass eine Zuschauerin nach dem Verlassen des Theaters sagte, "diesen schrecklichen Kerl hätte sie am liebsten umgebracht." Andrew Fitch schließlich überzeugte als zögerliches "Weichei" Patrick. Ein Kompliment an alle: Das wunderbare, klar akzentuierte Englisch war eine Wohltat.


CAUGHT IN THE NET, a comedy by Ray Cooney, opens soon.

For eighteen years taxi driver John Smith has been keeping two separate families in different parts of London, both happy and unaware of each other. But modern technology is about to catch up with him. His teenaged children (a boy from one marriage and a girl from the other) have met in a chat room on the Internet and are amazed that, in addition to having the same surname (Smith), they have so much more in common: a dad with the same Christian name (John), the same age (43) and the same profession (taxi driver). Since romance has blossomed, they are determined to see each other face to face. When John gets wind of their plan to meet, chaos breaks out as he desperately tries to keep the teenagers apart and his double life a secret from both wives. He quickly enlists the help of his friend and lodger Stanley, which only leads to more hilarious lies, mistaken identities and mysterious phone calls. When Stanley's senile father shows up thinking that he is at a holiday resort, the complications are stirred up even further. Although the play is a sequel to the author's RUN FOR YOUR WIFE, it stands completely on its own. Audiences will not be confused if they have not seen the first play. CAUGHT IN THE NET, like its predecessor, was a big hit in London's West End and was nominated for both the 2002 Olivier and Evening Standard Awards for Best New Comedy.

“It's brilliant!” (The London Evening Standard)

“…this is the funniest play of the year so far!” (Daily Mail)

“…a sheer joy from beginning to end.” (Daily Telegraph)


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