October, 2008 Newsletter

Dear Email Friends,

We got some good news over the week-end. At the meeting of the Kulturausschuss it was announced that they would discuss the English Theatre's request for a higher subsidy in a closed session without members of the press and the public present. This private discussion will take place before the next Haushaltsdebatte in November, but that date hasn't been set yet. The Kultursenatorin was also present at the meeting and said that she "steht zum English Theatre."

This is the most positive news we have received in a long, long time and we are certain that it comes because so many of you have written emails and letters to politicians. We don't know how many, but our best guess is that hundreds have been written. The authorities have been reminded once again that people in Hamburg want this theatre. We are all so grateful for your help.

It is still possible to write to the politicians mentioned in the September newsletter if you have not already done so. The more mail or email they get before their discussion of the English Theatre the better.

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Recent Press Clippings

Hamburger Abendblatt 15.09.2008
Autor Christopher Hampton kreiert ein unterhaltsames Drama, das sich mit der Frage beschäftigt, warum in puncto Liebe, so scheint es, grundsätzlich irrationale Entscheidungen getroffen werden. Vor allem auch dank einer besonders deutlichen Artikulation konnten die Zuschauer der Inszenierung gut folgen

Hamburger Morgenpost 13.09.2008. Ein aufregendes Liebesleben mit einem völlig unberechenbaren Kerl oder aber eine solide und langweilige Beziehung zu einem Muttersöhnchen. Ann hat die Wahl. Ihre Entscheidungsunfähigkeit ist abendfüllend ....rundum gelungener Start....

Hamburg Express 15.09.2008
"Treats" is a razor-sharp play about twenty-five year old Ann (Lil Binham) and her old and new lover. Dave (Matt Hyde) and Patrick (Andrew Fitch) could not be more different from each other, and Ann is torn between the two opposites in Christopher Hampton's exploration about the catastrophic emotional decisions people make in erotic relationships. Ann may be torn between the two men, but the audience is torn between something totally different. One minute you want to scream at Dave (or Patrick or Ann), the next you want to defend that person. The tension is so well created by Hampton and communicated by the cast, that you may feel compelled to jump from your seat, race onto the stage and get involved in the play. A must-see erotic drama with a stinging twist in the end.

33rd Season
(2008 / 2009)

Now playing until 15 November, 2008


by Christopher Hampton

Dave (Matt Hyde) breaks into Ann's (Lil Binham) flat and tells her, after she has thrown him out, that he wants to live with her again.

Ann breaks up with Patrick (Andrew Fitch) because he is indecisive and unexciting.

Ann finds Dave cruel at times but irresistible.
(Photos by Hans-Jürgen Kock)

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