May, 2008 Newsletter

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Due to popular demand, Simon Williams' comedy NOBODY'S PERFECT, has been extended until 21 June, 2008!

Leonard Loftus (Richard Auckland) lies to Harriet (Portia Booroff) on the phone that he cannot let her in because he has just taken a shower. When she insists on coming in, Leonard quickly takes off his shirt, puts on a bathing cap and throws a glass of water on himself.

Leonard has told Portia that there is a senile man who keeps visiting him, claiming to be his father. Not knowing that Gus (Seb Craig) is Leonard's real father, Harriet tries to give him therapy.

Gus introduces Leonard's daughter Dee Dee (Serena Giacomini) to Harriet.

Leonard is too shy to go in the building because he knows Harriet, the woman he has fallen in love with, is there waiting for him. Dee Dee tries to encourage him. ***********************************************
Latest Press clippings:
Hamburger Wochenblatt, 29.04.08
Wie Loftus (Richard Auckland) seine Rolle...bewältigt und sich dabei mit seiner frechen Tochter Dee Dee und deren pfiffigen Opa herumschlagen muss, ist im English Theatre dank guter Schauspieler gar köstlich anzusehen.

Die Auswaertige Presse, 23.04.08
Ohne sein English Theatre wäre Hamburg um eine Attraktion ärmer! Das ist die einhellige Meinung all derer, denen die Bühne an der Mundsburg seit langem ans Herz gewachsen ist.


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32nd Season
(2007 / 2008)

We are happy to announce the plays in our 33rd Season:

SEASON 2008 - 2009

A Play by Christopher Hampton
Premiere on 11 September, 2008

Final Performance on 15 November, 2008

Why do people make the wrong decisions in matters of love? This is the life dilemma that prize-winning playwright Christopher Hampton focuses on in this intelligent, witty play about sexual manners and manipulation. Ann has tried to free herself from Dave by taking on a new lover, Patrick, while Dave is away in Iraq. Now back in London, Dave is enraged. He is determined to win back his girl, forcing Ann to choose between the two young men. Will she return to charismatic Dave who abuses and cheats on her, or stay with nice-but-dull Patrick? First staged in London in 1976, the play was revived successfully in 2007 in this updated version. "This smart, hip play cuts deceptively deep..." (Sunday Express)

A Comedy by Ray Cooney

Premiere on 27 November, 2008
Final Performance on 7 February, 2009

If you think your life is stressful, imagine the life of John Smith, a taxi driver who keeps two separate families in different parts of London . When his teenaged children (a girl from one family and a boy from the other) accidentally meet on the Internet and plan to see each other in person, John's already complicated life becomes absolutely hectic. Can he manage to keep his double life a secret from the kids and his two wives? This fast moving comedy by Britain's recognized "master of farce", was nominated for the 2002 Olivier and Evening Standard Awards for Best New Comedy. "... a sheer joy from beginning to end." (Daily Telegraph)

A Play by A.R. Gurney
Premiere on 19 February, 2009
Final Performance on 25 April, 2009

A young playwright returns home to get permission from his mother and father to produce a play he has written about them. His well-to-do (and rather stuffy) parents are horrified at the idea of their private life being exposed on stage, while his sister is furious that she is only a secondary figure in the play. The cocktail hour soon turns into a shouting match, and, as more drinks are poured, family skeletons come out of the closet. This gripping play, dealing with the age-old conflict between children and parents over values, won numerous awards after a long run on Broadway in 1989. The author, one of America's premier playwrights, also wrote the very popular LOVE LETTERS and SYLVIA. "A deliciously funny and touching evening..." (New Yorker)

A Comedy by Richard Alfieri
Premiere on 7 May, 2009
Final Performance on 11 July, 2009

What could a Southern Baptist widow in Florida possibly have in common with a gay dance instructor from New York? Perhaps more than you think. In this new American comedy, seventy-two-year-old Lily hires Michael, a former Broadway chorus boy now approaching middle age, to give her dance lessons in the hope of spicing up her lonely life. As she learns the swing, the tango and the waltz, we see two human beings, both angry and disappointed with life, begin to cross barriers of age and culture. "A smart, funny and moving look at the nature of friendship." (Broadway On-Line)  
(Programme subject to change!)

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