February, 2008 Newsletter

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Our current play, DOUBT by John Patrick Shanley runs only until 22 March. Be sure to book tickets soon to avoid disappointment.

Press clippings:

Hamburger Abendblatt, 07.02.08
Die Szenen zwischen Schwester Aloysius (Jan Hirst), der Mutter (super: Peri Olufunwa) und dem Lehrer (Stephen Chance) im zweiten Teil bilden den dramatischen wie darstellerischen Höhepunkt in Clifford Deans treffend und vortrefflich besetzter Inszenierung. Erziehungspositionen - die von Liebe, Mitleid und Toleranz einerseits, religiöser Doktrin, Konservatismus und Repression andererseits - prallen aufeinander.

Die Welt, 02.02.08
Clifford Dean (Regie) und die allesamt sehr guten Schauspieler schaffen es, die Figuren nie stereotyp wirken zu lassen. Sie lenken durch wohl gesetzte Zwischentöne, kleine Gesten und Blicke die Sympathie des Zuschauers innerhalb von Sekunden von der einen auf die andere Seite, so dass ein spannungsreiches Spiel von Verdachtsmomenten entsteht.


Teaching Material:
To receive our free teaching material for John Patrick Shanley's DOUBT, just click on the image above. You will come to a page that lists our plays for the current season. Click again on the title of and you will come to the teaching material. If you have a problem you can send us an email (ethamburg@onlinehome.de) and we will send you a copy of the teaching material that you request.

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32nd Season
(2007 / 2008)

The concerns of Hamburg's private theatres:
On 4 February there was a panel discussion at Kampnagel with representatives from the SPD, CDU, GAL and FDP. As one journalist reported in the Abendblatt on 6 February, “Plenty of words of praise and promises, but concrete questions about the restructuring of the support for private theatres remain unanswered.”

For us the evening was a disappointment. We thought about launching a letter-writing campaign to the members of the Kulturausschuss and others who have the power to increase the amount of support given to the private theatres. However, we have decided that it would make more sense to wait until after the forthcoming election is over. We will give you more information in our next newsletter.


Photos from our current production of DOUBT

Father Flynn loves his work with young people at St. Nicolas School.

Sister Aloysius (right) suspects Father Flynn of improper behavior with Donald Muller, one of the boys in the school. She is certain she is right, but she has no proof.

Mrs. Muller, Donald's mother, appreciates the special attention Father Flynn has given her son and argues on his behalf. Sister Aloysius is shocked that she is not alarmed by her suspicions.

Sister James tells Father Flynn she does not believe the allegations Sister Aloysius has made against him.

Sister Aloysius has no doubt that Father Flynn is guilty of paedophilia and tries to convince Sister James that she is right. She demands that he resign from the priesthood and leave the school.

Roles and actors:

Father Flynn: Stephen Chance
Sister Aloysius: Jan Hirst
Sister James: Anna Scott
Mrs. Muller: Peri Olufunwa



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