November 2007 Newsletter

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Lawrence Roman's comedy ALONE TOGETHER opened on 15 November and all of the matinees were sold out within a week. This show is very popular and just right for this time of year, so be sure to book early.
Press clippings:

Hamburger Abendblatt, 17.11.2007
Mit einfachen Mitteln bringen die Schauspieler das Publikum auch mit der hundertsten Pointe zum Lachen. Regisseur Robert Rumpf und sein Ensemble beweisen hier ein feines Gespür für das richtige Timing.

Hamburg Express, 17.11. 2007
The English Theatre's done it again: Hamburg's professional theatre in  Mundsburg presents a funny and humane play enjoyed on Broadway and elsewhere since 1985.

Die Welt, 23.11.2007
Robert Rumpf, Gründer des "English Theatre", führt diesmal wieder selbst Regie und lässt das Stück dabei sein, was es ist: intelligente Unterhaltung. Den verbalen Schlagabtausch und den gnadenlosen Wortwitz des Stückes präsentieren die Schauspieler gekonnt....


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Our next play:
You can already book tickets for DOUBT which premieres on 31 January, 2008. This remarkable new play by John Patrick Shanley was awarded the Pulitzer Prize for Drama in 2005 after a long run on Broadway. The setting is a Catholic school in New York where 12-year-old Donald starts behaving strangely and is caught with alcohol on his breath. The principal of the school, Sister Aloysius, suspects that the boy is being sexually abused by Father Flynn and begins to sow doubt regarding the young priest's character among colleagues and parents. Are the nun's suspicions justified or the product of her own paranoia and passionate need to be right? The play addresses a hot issue facing church and society and provides a gripping detective story as well.

"Moral certainty never seemed so suspect as in John Patrick Shanley's evocative and beautifully crafted thriller." (Variety)

32nd Season
(2007 / 2008)


From top left: Jonathan Gunning, Alexander Fiske-Harrison, Oliver Hylton, James Walmsley, Gina Rowland and Lil Binham.

George and Helene's kids have finally left the nest, but as soon as the middle-aged couple (James Walmsley and Gina Rowland) are alone together and have time to renew their romance that has suffered while raising the family, their oldest son Michael (Jonathan Gunning) returns to the refuge of home because of problems he is having in his job.

Soon after Michael returns, his younger brother Elliott (Alexander Fiske-Harrison) comes home too. His wife has thrown him out for playing around with other women.

To make matters worse for George and Helene, Janie Johnson (Lil Binham) joins the family because she was told by the youngest son that she could live with his parents until she finds an apartment of her own. Besides dealing with the conflict between the two brothers who are both interested in Janie, Mom and Dad do everything possible to get rid of all of their much loved, but uninvited, guests.
Photos by Hans-Jürgen Kock

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