October 2007 Newsletter

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We would like to remind you that you have less than a month to see Harold Pinter's famous play, THE CARETAKER (Der Hausmeister). The final performance is on 3 November. The directors returned recently from London where they cast six more professional actors to perform in our second play, ALONE TOGETHER, a comedy by Lawrence Roman, which opens on 12 November.
*********************************************** The cast of ALONE TOGETHER:

Gina Rowland (Helene Butler)

James Walmsley (George Butler)

Jonathan Gunning (Michael Butler)

Alexander Fiske-Harrison (Elliott Butler)

Oliver Hylton (Keith Butler)

Lil Binham (Janie Johnson)




32nd Season
(2007 / 2008)

Scenes from THE CARETAKER:

Mick (Scott Smith) enjoys playing games with Davies (Hayward Morse) and threatening the old man. He disapproves of the intruder and shows no sympathy for his plight.

Aston (Steven Lello) is concerned about the old man. He brings him home and offers him a bed to sleep in. However, when Davies (Hayward Morse) tries to play one brother against the other and makes too many demands, Aston orders the tramp to leave.

Press clippings:
Die Welt
Mit einer dem Inhalt des Stücks angemessenen Krimi-Spannung und geziemender Komik hat Clifford Dean am English Theatre mit Harold Pinters "The Caretaker" die Spielzeit erfolgreich eröffnet. ...In diesem Dreigestirn folgt jeder strikt den Gesetzen der eigenen Persönlichkeit, was zu bedrohlichen Auseinandersetzungen führt. Die zu verfolgen ist spannend und vergnüglich.

Szene Hamburg October 2007
Hayward Morse gibt der Ambivalenz von Gebrechlichkeit und Bösartigkeit in Davies Figur einen intensiv rauen Anstrich, während der jugendliche Gegenpol Scott Smith mit respektloser Aggressivität als Revierhüter über die Bühne fegt.

Die Nordelbische September, 2007
Die Aufführungen des English Theatre zeichnen sich durch hervorragende schauspielerische Leistungen und das perfekte Englisch aus. Für Schüler besonders empfehlenswert.

Hamburg Express
...director Clifford Dean's interpretation of Harold Pinter's script is quite admirable. Just go, watch and enjoy this production full of memorable moments, and see for yourself. This play offers everything!

WochenBlatt 19 September, 2007
Machtgerangel mit Tiefgang
Mit Harold Pinters Schauspiel „The Caretaker“ hat das English Theatre seine 32. Spielzeit eröffnet. Im Mikrokosmos des Zimmers entwickelt sich ein Beziehungsgerangel, das zeitweilig erschreckend aggressiv verläuft und von seinen tiefgründigen Dialogen lebt. Steven Lello glänzt in der Rolle des leicht autistisch veranlagten Aston.

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Teaching Material:
To receive our free teaching material for Harold Pinter's THE CARETAKER and Lawrence Roman's ALONE TOGETHER just click on the images on the left. You will come to a page that lists our plays for the current season. Click again on the title of the play for which you want more information and you will come to the teaching material. If you have a problem just send us an email (ethamburg@onlinehome.de) and we will send you a copy of the teaching material that you request.

A model of the set for ALONE TOGETHER:

Mathias Wardeck, our set designer, manages to create a totally different set for every play that we produce. After discussing the requirements of the play with the director, he draws a groundplan. When he and the director agree that the drawing is right, Mathias creates a model ( 15 cm high, 40 cm wide and 30 cm deep) to make sure that everything works in three dimensions.

It is relatively easy to make changes in a model, but if the set is built on stage without first making a model, any change that has to be made is costly and time consuming. The model above is the split-level home of George and Helene Butler that you will see in Lawrence Roman's comedy ALONE TOGETHER. Lots of color will be added with pictures, furniture and other objects, but the basic structure will remain the same. The making of a model is standard procedure in theatre, but we always find it fascinating to see a tiny version of the set that we will be working on. It looks like a doll's house.

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