September 2007 Newsletter

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Harold Pinter's famous play, THE CARETAKER (Der Hausmeister), premiered on 6 September and the directors are already packing their bags for a trip to London where they have high hopes of finding six professional actors to perform in our second play, ALONE TOGETHER, a comedy by Lawrence Roman. Teaching material for this amusing family play will be available starting 23 September. You can either request it by email ( or phone the box office (227 7089) and ask that it be sent to you by post.


Teaching Material

To receive our free teaching material for Harold Pinter's THE CARETAKER just click on "THE CARETAKER" below. You will come to a page that lists our plays for the coming season. Click once again on "THE CARETAKER" and you will have the teaching material. If you have a problem just send us an email ( and we will send you a copy of the teaching material.

Press clipping:
Hamburger Abendblatt
, 11.09.07
Hayward Morse spielt in der Regie von Clifford Dean den Landstreicher Davies, der Opfer und Täter zugleich ist, distanziert und doch glaubwürdig. Scott Smith und Steven Lello betonen die statische Gegensätzlichkeit der Brüder und ermöglichen trotzdem ein dynamisches Wechselspiel, in dessen Zentrum der "Caretaker" Davies steht. Alle drei haben vor der stimmungsvollen Kulisse starke Momente....



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32nd Season
(2007 / 2008)

Scenes from THE CARETAKER:

Above is the full set designed by Mathias Wardeck. It takes a talented designer to create a set with artistic values even though it depicts a shabby attic full of junk. Not only does the set look good, but it also fulfills the needs of the director and the actors and provides good sight lines for every spectator in the audience.

Aston (Steven Lello) brings home an old tramp who is dressed in dirty, shabby clothes and is wearing a worn-out pair of shoes. He has just been fired from his job in a pub after getting in a fight with another employee. Luckily, Aston, who was in the pub at the time, rescued the old man from the fight and, feeling sorry for him, has given him a place to stay. Davies, the tramp (Hayward Morse), points out his need for a pair of shoes so that he can "be moving about" and get himself "fixed up".

When Aston leaves the next day, Davies looks through everything in the room. While he is doing this, Aston's brother, Mick (Scott Smith), slips in unoticed and observes the old man. Thinking he is a thief, Mick grabs Davies from behind and throws him to the floor. Then he demands to know what Davies is up to.

Aston (Steven Lello) brings Davies his bag which he left in the pub where he worked. Mick, who enjoys teasing the old man, grabs the bag. Quickly Aston takes the bag from Mick and hands it to Davies, but as Davies takes the bag, Mick grabs it again. When Davies is completely frustrated, Mick allows him to have the bag.


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