June-July 2007 Newsletter

Dear Email Friends,

First we'd like to tell you some good news for students as well as friends and relatives of students:

NEW: We are now offering a student season subscription for the low price of € 40,00. The special advantages of this subscription are that it can be used for four plays at all evening performances (Tuesday to Saturday)  in all rows (1-12). The reduced subscription price is only for students who can show valid student identification and who are not older than 27 years. The term "student" refers to young people as well as those enrolled in a college or university, but anyone under the age of 13 must be accompanied by an adult to a performance. This special offer is made with the average student's income in mind. We also feel that parents who want to bring their children to the theatre will be pleased that, with a student subscription, children and young adults can sit with them anywhere in the theatre including the first five rows without having to pay the adult price. A further advantage to the student subscription is that it protects subscribers is case there are any price increases on student tickets during the 2007/2008 Season.

You can order the student subscription online (www.englishtheatre.de) or send us an email (ethamburg@onlinehome.de). We are taking a summer break now, but you can reach us by phone (227 7089) starting 13 August. Subscription passes will be sent to you before the season begins.


Here is something you don't normally see in the theatre. In the photo below, one of our stage managers, Kris Appel, is making fake whiskey so the actors don't get drunk on stage. We find it interesting that when actors drink what looks like whiskey before the intermission, the bar sells more real whiskey in the break. Subliminal advertising?

The young man below is not flying a 747. Christian Rantzow, assistant to our Technical Manager, is running the lights for CORPSE!


Teaching Material
To receive the free teaching material for Harold Pinter's THE CARETAKER, which premieres on 6 September, 2007, just click on "THE CARETAKER" below. You will come to a page that lists our plays for the coming season. Click once again on "THE CARETAKER" and you will have the teaching material. If you have a problem just send us an email and we will send you a copy of the teaching material.

In THE CARETAKER Aston brings home an old tramp and offers him a job as caretaker. As it turns out, the tramp is not as interested in being employed as he is in securing a home for himself. Mick, Aston's younger brother, sees through the old man right away, and the three are caught up in a battle for power and territory that centres absurdly on a room full of junk. Simultaneously funny and terrifying, this modern British classic was Harold Pinter's first big success on the London stage in 1960. Now world-famous for his many plays, the author was awarded the Nobel Prize for Literature in 2006.

This play is so popular that actors in England are already standing in line to audition. The Directors will travel to London soon for the final auditions. They will try to dodge the bombs while they are there. So far they have been lucky.


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31st Season
(2006 / 2007)

Below are some more photos of what the audience never saw before and after a performance of CORPSE!

Andrew Southern is in his dressing room getting ready to dress up like a woman, the first role he played in Gerald Moon's CORPSE! After he took off his female clothes onstage, he played the loveable but somewhat whacky twin, Evelyn. Then he played the rich and heartless twin brother Rupert. He went back and forth during the entire show, playing one brother and then the other. Finally, there was a fencing match in which he killed the father he hated. You can see why we engaged a young man for this part.

Below is Zoë Ann Bown, a master at stage make-up, getting ready for her role as Mrs McGee. If you saw her in Alan Ayckbourn's ROLEPLAY, you know that she is capable of making herself look completely different in order to suit the part.

James Walmsley (below, left) played the policeman who discovered Major Powell, played by Hayward Morse (below, right), dead on the floor with a foil protruding from his abdomen. Poor Hayward had to fence every night and get killed at the end of the fight, but as you see he, nevertheless, remained hale and hearty and was able to board the plane back to London unassisted. Both of these actors have graced our stage many times. If you don't recognize them we suggest you buy a subscription.

Below are Andrew Southern, Ava Burton and Patrick Lindner (who took all of the pictures in this newsletter). Well, he may have had help with this one. Andrew looks a bit tired after the show. No wonder. Ava came from London to visit. She played the funny Bible quoting policewoman in GAMEPLAN this past season and fell in love with Hamburg. Patrick is one of our stage managers.

You may not have been reading the cultural pages in newspapers recently, but in the months to come there will, no doubt, be more and more articles about the financial problems of Hamburg's private theatres, one of which is The English Theatre. The subsidies of private theatres have already been cut, and it is very likely that more severe cuts will be announced in the spring. Political pressure and your individual help, however, may save us.

Cutting subsidies of theatres which already do not have enough support is a serious matter. The survival of The English Theatre of Hamburg is endangered due to lack of sufficient assistance from the Kulturbehörde. If you are to continue to enjoy visits to this theatre we need your help.

One of the best ways you can help is by buying a subscription for the coming 2007/2008 Season. Subscriptions offer you a way to save money and they do much to support the continued work of the theatre. We're not going to shout if from the roof tops, but unless we receive more support, this theatre, like others in Hamburg, could close at the end of this season. Please help.


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