May 2007 Newsletter

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The last performance of CORPSE!, the world famous comedy-thriller by Gerald Moon, is on 30 June, 2007. Don't miss it!

Evelyn Farrant (Andrew Southern in drag) gives Mrs McGee (Zoë Ann Bown) a jar of Gentlemen's Relish that he stole from Fortnum and Mason's.

Major Powell (Hayward Morse) is a crook who trusts nobody, not even another crook.

Constable Hawkins (James Walmsley) hoped that the rich Rupert Farrant would give him a large donation for a charity. He is surprised at the small amount of money he received.

Press clippings:
Barmbek WochenBlatt
, 09.05.2007
Das Stück beginnt unerwartet fröhlich. Trotzdem tut das Publikum gut daran, sich nicht allzu sehr zu entspannen. Schon kurz nach einem belanglosen Gespräch zwischen dem leicht abgetakelten Schauspieler Evelyn Farrant (Andrew Southern) und seiner Vermieterin Mrs McGee (Zoë Ann Bown) betritt der irische Major Powell (Hayward Morse) die Bühne. Für ihn hat Farrant einen delikaten Auftrag: Sein Zwillingsbruder Rupert soll ermordet werden.
Andrew Southern gibt ein glänzendes Debüt auf der Bühne des English Theatre Hamburg und wird dabei von einem Ensemble unterstützt, das seine Rollen exzellent auszuspielen weiß.
....wer am Ende warum um sein Leben gebracht wird, muss bis kurz vor Schluss das Geheimnis des Mörders bleiben. Nur sei an dieser Stelle verraten: Wer sich in Sicherheit wiegt oder den Fall zu durchschauen glaubt, wird durch überraschende Wendungen eines besseren belehrt.

Hamburg Express

Corpse! - A fantastic premiere
at the English Theatre of Hamburg
By Helen Kuechler
From the first second the audience is under the spell of Andrew Southern, who performs brilliantly in his twin roles. First he captivates us as Evelyn, an out-of work actor who has an amusing relationship with his landlady, Mrs. McGee. Then Evelyn hires a criminal with a shady past, Powell, to murder his suave, moneyed twin, Rupert, who is also played by Southern. Evelyn has already planned the murder in every detail, but Powell and the audience are kept unaware.
....nothing goes as it should and Powell complains to “have shot both of them (the twins), even twice”
The misunderstandings and confusions are not only funny but also thrilling. The fast-moving plot...keeps the audience guessing every second, building up to a climax no one could expect.


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31st Season
(2006 / 2007)

Announcing the plays for
SEASON 2007 - 2008!

A play by Harold Pinter

Premiere on 6 September, 2007 ;
Final Performance on 3 November, 2007

Aston brings home an old tramp and offers him a job as caretaker. As it turns out, the tramp is not as interested in being employed as he is in securing a home for himself. Mick, Aston's younger brother, sees through the old man right away, and the three are caught up in a battle for power and territory that centers absurdly on a room full of junk. Simultaneously funny and terrifying, this modern British classic was Harold Pinter's first big success on the London stage in 1960. Now world-famous for his many plays, the author was awarded the Nobel Prize for Literature in 2006.

A Comedy by Lawrence Roman

Premiere on 15 November, 2007 ;
Final Performance 19 January, 2008

What's to be done when grown children return home to live with their parents? George and Helen's kids have finally left the nest. Now the middle-aged couple are alone together and have time to renew their romance that has suffered while raising the family. Or so they think. Within a week, all three sons come running back home after experiencing some hard knocks in the real world—and Mom and Dad have a lot of trouble pushing them out again. A huge hit on Broadway in 1985, this wise and witty play continues to delight audiences the world over.

A Play by John Patrick Shanley

Premiere on 31January, 2008;
Final Performance on 22 March, 2008

This remarkable new play was awarded the Pulitzer Prize for Drama in 2005 after a long run on Broadway. The setting is a Catholic school in New York where 12-year-old Donald starts behaving strangely and is caught with alcohol on his breath. The principal of the school, Sister Aloysius, suspects that the boy is being sexually abused by Father Flynn and begins to sow doubt regarding the young priest's character among colleagues and parents. Are the nun's suspicions justified or the product of her own paranoia and passionate need to be right? The play addresses a hot issue facing church and society and provides a gripping detective story as well.

A Comedy by Simon Williams

Premiere on 3 April, 2008 ;
Final Performance on 7 June, 2008
Harriet's publishing house will publish only novels penned by women. So Leonard, a failed writer and recently divorced, sends her one of his manuscripts under a woman's name. Surprisingly, Harriet offers to publish his book but insists on meeting him personally to discuss the terms. Can Leonard convince Harriet that he is a woman? And can he trust his streetwise daughter and rascally father to do their part in the masquerade? His problems are made worse when he falls hopelessly in love with Harriet. First performed in the UK in 1998, this romantic comedy, bordering on farce, has been widely praised for its hilarious plot and loveable characters.

Fifth Production (9—28 June) to be announced at a later date

(Programme is subject to change!)

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The wealthy twin, Rupert Farrant (Andrew Southern) tries to keep Major Powell (Hayward Morse) out of his home when he hears that Powell wants help for the twin brother whom he hates.

Above is a photo from the 1995 production of the wealthy twin's flat. Pictured are from the left: Ray Callaghan, Rory Cambell and Sally Saunders.

This 1995 photo shows the poor twin's basement apartment. From left to right: Ray Callaghan, James Walmsley who also appears in our current production, Rory Campbell and Sally Saunders. All four are alive and kicking and Rory is the proud father of a four year old daughter.

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