December, 2006 Newsletter

There are a few tickets available for the New Year's Eve performance on Sunday, 31 December.

Dear Email Friends,
You may have noticed that time passes faster the older you get. If you haven't noticed you must be under 30. Whether you are under or over 30 you will surely enjoy our current production of GamePlan and our next play, VISITING MR. GREEN.

"Caught in the Act" fans will be glad to hear that Lee Baxter is returning to Hamburg to play Ross Gardiner in VISITING MR. GREEN. The Directors of The English Theatre of Hamburg returned from London (before the fog made flying impossible) where they cast Lee and Philip Hope, who will play Mr. Green, the title role. Unless you have been in England where Lee has continued his acting career, you saw him last in MEN'S SINGLES by D.B. Gilles, here at the English Theatre. We all know he can sing and dance. More and more people are finding out what a good actor he is as well.

Lee Baxter
Philip Hope
A Play by Jeff Baron

Premiere on 15 February, 2007

Ross Gardiner, 29 years old, is sentenced to “community service” for nearly running down an elderly man with his car in New York City . Over several months Ross is required to visit Mr. Green, shop for his groceries and clean his apartment. Neither is happy with the arrangement. And when Mr. Green, a strict Jew, discovers that Ross is gay, the human barrier between the two seems insurmountable. How they slowly come to understand, then respect and finally care for each other is the subject of this heart-warming drama. The play was awarded the 2002 prize for tolerance with respect to minorities by the European Cultural Forum.

Recent press clippings:

Hamburger Morgenpost 5.12.06 
Eine rasante Komödie
Nicht verpassen: „GamePlan“ am English Theatre

Codewort „Vanilla“ signalisiert lüsternen Freiern sofort, dass keine Extra-Wünsche erfüllt werden. Das stellt die 16-jährige Schülerin nämlich gleich klar, wenn sie sich als „Mandy“ potenziellen Kunden im neuen „Nebenjob“ anbietet. …Nach Firmen- und Ehe-Aus droht der Kleinfamilie Mutter/Tochter auch noch der Verlust der Londoner Wohnung mit Blick auf die Themse. Mandys heimliche „Vanilla“-Dienste sollen Geld eintreiben und den endgültigen sozialen Abstieg aufhalten. Der erste Kunde jedoch erliegt nach erfolgreicher Bedienung in besagter Wohnung einem Herzanfall—und wird kurzerhand über den Balkon in den Fluss entsorgt. Auf Scotland Yard muss man nicht lange warten, ebenso wenig auf jede Menge weitere Verwechslungen…

Hamburger Abendblatt 22.12.06
Eine Farce über die Internet Generation
Der Zuschauer wird heiter und leicht unterhalten und bekommt ein wenig mehr zu lachen, als es im Stück schon angelegt ist.

Hamburg Express:
Theatre: GamePlan
By Val Griffin
Alan Ayckbourn's popular comedy “Gameplan” is currently playing at the English Theatre in Hamburg , and was well received by the preview audience who found it hilarious and fiercely entertaining. The play…is itself con-cerned with role-playing in society and while farcical in tone, it also manages to be both touching and insightful. This is largely due to the well drawn character of Sorrel*, who is mature beyond her years and the most rational and manipulative person on stage, and yet she also displays some alarming naiveté.

*Sorrel is played by Reanne Farley


Teaching Material with summary:

To download the free teaching material below for the play GamePlan, please click here or on the image of the teaching material itself.

31st Season
(2006 / 2007)

Now playing:

GamePlan by Alan Ayckbourn

Lynette and her husband's Internet business collapses and he disappears, leaving her a single parent with a bleak financial future. But her teenage daughter, Sorrel (Reanne Farley), has a daring plan to save them both. She sets up as a part-time call girl and advertises for clients on the Internet – all without her mother's knowledge. Her desperate game plan, however, only plunges them into deeper trouble when her first (and last) client (played by Steven Lello) dies from over-excitement. Now there is a body to deal with, not to mention the police and media.

The police find a body floating in the River Thames and wonder if it might have been dropped from the balcony of Lynette and Sorrel's flat. They suspect that Lynette (Pamela Hall) is a call girl and that she committed a crime. Lynette keeps quiet to protect her daughter. From left to right: Lynette (Pamela Hall), Policewoman Grace Page (Ava Burton), Sorrel (Reanne Farley) and Detective Dan Endicott (Steven Lello).

Sorrel's money-making plan did not work because she was unsuccessful as a call girl. She talks to her best friend, Kelly (Susan Cazenove) as she helps her mother pack their things so they can move to a cheaper flat in another town.

Before they have time to move out of the flat, Troy Tyler (Steven Lello), who works for a gossip magazine, offers to buy Lynette's story, but she is insulted and tries to throw him out. To find out what happens you can phone (040) 227 7089 to book tickets, or you can book online. Ask about special group rates.

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We wish to thank those of you who supported
The English Theatre of Hamburg in 2006.

The British Decorative & Fine Arts Society of Hamburg e.V

Herr Dieter Hölting
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