August, 2006 Newsletter

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Theatergoers normally see only Hammonia Bad, the building that houses the theatre and our box office. We thought you might like to see the other buildings in which we currently rent space. The buildings themselves may not be so interesting to look at, but they show you where a portion of your ticket money goes.

Buildings that house the actors

Kottwitz Strasse
We rent one flat in this building which is large enough for two actors.

The flat in this building accommodates three actors.

Emil-Janssen Strasse
In this building we rent a flat that is large enough for three actors. Because the apartment is on the top floor the actors are sometimes a bit winded when they first get there, but by the end of the run of the show they are very fit.

The Cast of SYLVIA

Elizabeth Bagley
Elizabeth plays Greg's wife Kate, the woman who has to compete with her husband's affection for a dog.

Michael Garland
You may have seen Michael in BAD BLOOD last season. He will surprise you by playing three very different roles in SYLVIA.

Gabriella Meadows
Gabriella plays the dog, Sylvia, who loves everyone, especially Greg.

James Walmsley
James is returning to The English Theatre of Hamburg for the fourth time. He plays Greg, the man who frustrates his wife by bringing home a stray dog from the park. You may have been fortunate enough to see James in CORPSE!, MR. FOTHERGILL'S MURDER and PERFECT WEDDING.

31st Season
(2006 / 2007)

SYLVIA by A. R. Gurney
The first play of our 2006/2007 Season is the delightful comedy, SYLVIA. Greg, a middle-aged man, whose adult children have left home, brings home a stray dog named Sylvia and his wife does not approve of the creature. She becomes jealous of the attention her husband pays to the dog. As a result the marriage appears to be in danger of breaking up. Even the advice of friends and a therapist seems unable to cure Greg of his fascination with Sylvia. The dog, incidentally, is played by a young, attractive woman, and she does not wear an animal costume. She merely acts like a dog at times.

"I can only call it one of the most involving, beautiful, funny, touching and profound plays I have ever seen..."
--New York Daily News

Good Luck?
Last year the directors flew to London to cast THE FOURPOSTER a week after the terrorist bombings there. This year, after casting SYLVIA, they flew back a week before the chaos started at Heathrow. What does this tell us about what will happen next year? Can they be lucky three times in a row? Time will tell.

An anecdote from the present
Clifford Dean, who is directing SYLVIA, passed by the box office recently and two lovely ladies asked him if the play contained "bestiality." After all, there is a dog in the play that loves her male owner and vice versa. Clifford had to laugh as he explained that the sort of love presented in the play is purely platonic. The ladies were pleased and will hopefully book tickets. We trust that this incident was an exception and not the rule.

The theatre and box office

Lerchenfeld 14
This is the view you see when you come to the theatre. We used to have our offices, rehearsal area, workshop and costume room in this building as well, but we had to find new space for them in the two buildings pictured below.

The administrative offices

In 2002 the Rehabilitation Center in Hammonia Bad moved into our offices. We were very lucky to find this building around the corner in Oberaltenallee where our offices take up the entire first floor.

Rehearsal room, workshop, etc.

In 2004 our rehearsal space, workshop and storage rooms were torn down to make room for the new apartment buildings behind Hammonia Bad. Again we were extraordinarily lucky to find this entire building in Bachstrasse where we now rehearse, build sets, and store costumes, props and archival materials. In March, 2007 we will move our offices to this building as well. The building is about four time bigger than the part that you see in this photo.

If you want to get a little preview of what our first play of the new season is like, this is your chance! Remember that the "Hamburg theatre night" takes place on 9 September, 2006 beginning at 19 hours. Busses will leave from Hachmann Platz and take anyone who is interested to virtually all of the theatres in Hamburg. Each theatre will present a scene, sketch or other form of entertainment. For more information about this event you can go to

It's not too late!

You can still subscribe to our 2006/2007 Season and attend four plays for the price of three!......

SYLVIA, a comedy by A.R. Gurney
GAME PLAN, a comedy by Alan Ayckbourn
VISITING MR. GREEN, a play by Jeff Baron
CORPSE!, a thriller by Gerald Moon

(Program subject to change)

It's easy to subscribe online. To fill in the subscription form and send it to the theatre with one mouse click, just use this link: SUBSCRIBE  Subscriptions help to support the theatre, and a subscription is also a wonderful gift for almost any occasion.

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