May, 2006 Newsletter

Dear Email Friends,

With less than four weeks to go before the end of the season, the cast members of BAD BLOOD are still having a wonderful time doing the show and exploring Hamburg. Maybe they are so happy because they take out all of their aggressions on stage with knives, guns, a noose and a good share of shouting at each other. Every character gets angry at some point in the play.

The set is taking a beating though. A picture fell to the floor and smashed into a million pieces, a door that was slammed too hard, broke (twice!), blood was spilled on the floor. Not real blood—stage blood. A window was broken and so was the arm of a chair. Everything has been repaired, but we are waiting anxiously to see what is going to be broken next. This is the “fun” of live theatre. You never know what is going to happen next. As long as the actors stay healthy and happy and don't spill their own blood we're content.

Free Teaching Material
If you are interested in an English summary of the play BAD BLOOD and information about the author, just click on the Teaching Material link at the bottom of this page. In June the teaching material for SYLVIA by A.R. Gurney will also be available. SYLVIA is the first play of the 2006/2007 Season.

An anecdote from the past
Stealing the show: When we did the play BUTTERFLIES ARE FREE by Leonard Gershe in 1998 we had an unexpected guest the night of the premiere---a butterfly. As soon as the stage lights went on and the show began a beautiful butterfly appeared from nowhere and fluttered all over the stage. It didn't fly into the audience. It remained on the stage as if it knew that was where it belonged. The actors were excellent, but it is very hard to compete with a living creature that is not supposed to be there. Fortunately, the play got good reviews, but the mysterious butterfly, that stole the show, was mentioned in all of the newspapers as well.
P.S. The butterfly left the stage and flew out a backstage window after the first few minutes of the play.

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Recent Donor:

On a grey day in May Mr. Joachim Hübner phoned us to say he would like to donate € 500,00 to the theatre. The sun came out during the call. We told him he had made our day and thanked him a thousand times. Mr. Hübner was surprised that more people did not donate money to this unique institution, the oldest professional English language theatre in Germany. If you are surprised too, here is how you can help, and you don't have to be as generous as Mr. Hübner. Any amount, no matter how small, is appreciated.

Recent Press Clippings

Hamburger Wochenblatt 9 May 2006
Mit "Bad Blood" von Richard Stockwell hat das English Theatre zum Abschluß der Saison einen packenden Thriller inszeniert, dessen immer neuen Wendungen den Zuschauer fesseln. Die Schauspieler sind hervorragend.

Hamburger Abendblatt 17 May 2006
Lotto King Karl im Theater...! Um London in Hamburg (noch) populärer zu machen, wird Loddo am morgigen Donnerstag im English Theatre Hamburg exklusiv ein Hohelied auf London singen, eingebettet als "Live Ad" (Lebendige Werbung) der weltweiten Kampagne "Visit London". ... . . Und Sie können dabeisein: Abendblatt, English Theatre und Visit London verlosen 5x2 Karten.

Please note: Lotto King Karl couldn't make it after all. As you probably know he was "otherwise engaged," but Marik Erhardt came instead for which we are very grateful.

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30th Anniversary Season
(2005 / 2006)

Now playing until 24 June

a thriller
by Richard Stockwell

Four weeks after breaking up with her husband, Vic (Venetia Deane) is being comforted by Smokey, a much younger man (Ben Wigzell). It looks like it's working.

Who is Jack (Michael Garland) planning to shoot in the next few seconds and why? For the answer phone 227 7089 or book online. There are still tickets available for BAD BLOOD.

Tom (Julian Agnew) tries to get Belinda (Holly Weston) to listen to him because he wants her to know how much he loves her. As you can see from these pictures, the older folks like the younger folks a lot. Or is it the other way around?

(Photos by Hans-Jürgen Kock)



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