November, 2005 Newsletter

Dear Email Friends,

LONDON SUITE, a comedy by Neil Simon, is now up and running for the holiday season. You may recognize two of the actors in the pictures on the right, Stephen Chance and Hayward Morse. Stephen, who played here in I OUGHT TO BE IN PICTURES, has returned; and Hayward Morse is back on our stage for the fifth time!

Remember the black and white TV series, THE FUGITIVE? The detective who was alway chasing the poor innocent fugitive (David Jansen) was Hayward Morse's father, Barry Morse. He is a healthy 87 years old now and has been acting on TV and in films all his life. He plans to fly to Hamburg to see his son in LONDON SUITE. We met him the last time he was here and learned that the secret of his longevity is red wine, but not too much of it.

We're happy to welcome newcomers, Anah Ruddin and Stephanie Schonfield, to The English Theatre and know that you will enjoy their work in the LONDON SUITE. All of the actors have the opportunity to display their extraordinary versatility by playing various roles in this very funny show.

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Recent Press Clippings

Hamburger Abendblatt
Reizvoll für Schauspieler und Publikum ist die Darstellung unterschiedlicher Charaktere. ...ein kurzweiliger Abend mit witzigen Dialogen.....

Die Welt
Was eine Hotelsuite in London nicht alles zu sehen kriegt: einen mordlustigen Autor und seinen diebischen Anlageberater, eine besorgte Tochter und ihre nicht wirklich prüde Mutter, eine TV-Diva und ihren schwulen Ex, hysterische Touristen und Kevin Costner und einen Hexenschuß. Dies aufgefüllt mit Neil Simons pointenreichen Dialogen und gut geschüttelt, ergibt einen kosmopolitischen Cocktail. Die Premierengäste der "London Suite" am English Theatre genossen ihn.

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In Memoriam
In the early 1980s Harm Körding came to our theatre and brought with him a lot of creative energy and love for dramatic art. He came to every premiere and always brought flowers for the directors. He gave grand theatre parties and enjoyed everyone and everything to do with the theatre.

We got to know him well, and discovered that he wanted to participate in a project involving theatre for young people from ages ten to fourteen. Along with the directors of the theatre he co-wrote HOLGER GOES TO ENGLAND which had over one hundred and twenty performances to full houses of young people. We wrote the play using the vocabulary that the students had already learned in school; and watched in awe when we saw how quiet and absorbed young theatre-goers were. They were probably surprised that they understood almost every word. The play was a teaching instrument as well. Holger, the character, did not like learning English at the start, but as the play progressed he became motivated and the students could participate in his learning process. They learned new words, expressions and questions along with Holger. The comprehensive teaching material we produced helped them to prepare for the play with their teachers.

Although we had to stop producing HOLGER GOES TO ENGLAND for financial reasons, we still read in the newspapers from time to time about school productions of our play. That is very satisfying. Harm's considerable input encouraged us to write three other plays for this age group, two of which toured all over Germany for almost three years. We would still be producing plays for this age group in Hamburg and touring Germany today, but Hamburg could not and still cannot subsidize such an undertaking. Harm died in 1994. We miss Harm terribly as a friend and contributor to the vitality of the theatre.

30th Anniversary Season
(A time to review the last 30 years)

LONDON SUITE by Neil Simon

Hayward Morse and Stephen Chance

Hayward Morse and Anah Ruddin

Above: Anah Ruddin, Stephanie Schonfield
Below: Erik Herrmann, Stephen Chance, Hayward Morse

The pictures above will give you an idea of how funny and versatile the actors are in our new comedy, LONDON SUITE. Hayward Morse, for example, is playing a different person in each of the three photos. The other actors will amaze you too as they slip out of one role and into another. We chose this play especially for the holiday season so you would have a change to get out and have a good time.

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Felicity Rhys and Adam Redmayne (A real life romance)

Remember ROLEPLAY by Alan Ayckbourn? We did it last year at about this time. Even the Kultursenatorin appeared and had a good laugh. Two of the characters were Justin and Julie-Ann. In the play, they were planning to get married and live a happy conventional life, but Justin decided, after meeting Julie-Ann's uptight parents, that the conventional life was not for him. Not enough oxygen! Instead, he ran off with Paige, a gangster moll played by Katie Kensit.

Well, this just goes to show you how different stage life is from real life. In real life the actor, Adam Redmayne fell in love with his stage wife, Felicity Rhys, and the two are living happily ever after in a house they rented in London. Felicity has just finished a film called 9 Steps To A New Start which we may see on our German television sets one day, and Adam has just finished doing a play called Take Two which got rave reviews. Like we said in the last newsletter, they come here separately and they go home together. There's magic at work here. That's the only explanation. Susan Shrand, who played Justin's mother, is planning a reunion party for the ROLEPLAY cast. They all had a great time in Hamburg , especially Adam and Felicity, needless to say.

(Photos: Hans-Jürgen Kock)

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