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We would like to use the next twelve months of our Anniversary Season to review some of the highlights of the past three decades, and, at the same time, present pictures and information about current shows. We may jump around chronologically a bit, but Robert and Clifford can sort out the newsletters later and use them as a basis for the "tell all" book they plan to write. This shocking page turner will have to be published posthumously so they do not have to deal with all the legal wrangling that is bound to occur. No, it has not all been peaches and cream, but for now, let's concentrate on the happy moments.

Our final show of the 2004-2005 Season, PERFECT WEDDING, finished on 2 July and we are now in summer break. The theatre is dark (i.e. no performances), but preparations are already being made for the coming season. Actors in London will soon be auditioning for the roles in THE FOURPOSTER written by the Tony Award winning playwright Jan de Hartog. Our Director, Costume, Set and Lighting Designers are making notes and drawing plans and pictures for the show. It was first a long running play in New York (632 performances) in 1951. In 1952 it received the Tony Award, Broadway’s highest honor, and was later adapted for the screen (with Rex Harrison and Lilli Palmer). The play is timeless, poignant and also very funny.

We hope you like the new format of our newsletter. We have added links at the bottom of the page for your conven- ience. You will see that you can book tickets, order gift vouchers and subscribe online. You can also download teaching material for each play and change your email address if you like. It all works automatically, or, at least, it should. Let us know if you have any problems. This is unchartered territory for us. The final result looks simple, but the process of getting it that way was long and hard.

In Memoriam
Over the past 30 years we have made many new friends. Sadly, over that span of time, we have also lost some too. Ina Passow, pictured below, was a beautiful young talented actress and good friend whose sudden death in 1987shocked us all. She played a major role in LOOK BACK IN ANGER and a small role in GASLIGHT (See the Archive page on our web site.) She was also the inspiration for the lead female role in HOLGER GOES TO ENGLAND, but, unfortunately was unable to act in that play. She was thrilled that Harm Körding and Robert Rumpf, who wrote the play, had based the character on her and exclaimed one day, "You've immortalized me!" She was a sweetheart. We think of her often.

30th Anniversary Season
(A time to review the last 30 years)

Robert Rumpf       Rolf Italiaander      Clifford Dean

A Photo from our 10th Anniversary Celebration in 1986

In 1986 Rolf Italiaander (*20 February, 1913 in Leipzig, 3. September, 1991 in Hamburg), the well known author and a dear friend, introduced the Directors of The English Theatre of Hamburg after making introductory comments at a special celebration in the theatre. He introduced them as "Robert Rumpf und Clifford Dean, die zwei Naaren, die das Theater angefangen haben." Everybody laughed as we got on the stage to talk about our ten year history. It does not sound like a flattering way to be introduced, but Rolf was right. It takes a couple of fools to believe that the impossible is possible. And it took a lot more than two people to make the theatre work.

During the course of our 30th Anniversary Season we would like to introduce you to some of the people who were so important in assuring the continued existence of the theatre. You, the audience, can take a bow because you are very important and most essential part of this undertaking.

It was a real treat to visit Rolf at his home which was full of art treasures he had collected over many years. He wrote over one hundred books and had a million stories to tell, but he and his friend, Hans Spegg, were genuinely interested in the of The English Theatre of Hamburg and did their best to promote the theatre.

To jump now from 1986 to the present (July, 2005), below is a picture (taken by Hans-Jürgen Kock) of the PERFECT WEDDING cast. Leonie Wilde in the green hat, and Carys Gray in the white dress are already working in new shows in England. The others have time to recuperate from a ten-week run plus a three-week rehearsal period in Hamburg. They were a marvelous cast and enjoyed their stay in Hamburg tremendously. We hope to have them back soon.

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