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  September, 2014

Dear Friends of the English Theatre of Hamburg,  

As you can see from the reviews in this newsletter, Season 2014—2015 is off to a great start. Audiences are deeply moved by THE WHIPPING MAN by Matthew Lopez. We appreciate the many emails and letters we have received from you praising the production. Some of you have also used Facebook and our Guestbook to give us your positive reactions. At the recent “Theaternacht” over 100 people bought tickets for the play after seeing one scene on our stage. 

We will soon be off to London again, this time to cast Derek Benfield’s comedy, ANYONE FOR BREAKFAST? The play moves at a breakneck pace as all six characters desperately try to keep the others from finding out what carnal mischief they have been up to. 

Philip Dart, our guest director for CANDIDA, the third production this season, recently came to Hamburg to meet with our team and look at the premises: the theatre itself, but also our offices, rehearsal space, workshop, costume studio and so on. It is always easier to begin work on a project when everyone has met in advance on a casual basis and gotten to know each other, especially in the theatre where we work so closely together.

If you haven’t yet seen THE WHIPPING MAN here is a link to the teaching material for the play and another link to our homepage where you can see a video clip of the show. In a separate section below there is a link to an NDR radio report from the night of the premiere. This play has received nothing but the highest praise in newspaper and magazine reviews, letters and emails. We hope you will all have a chance to see it before it is too late.

 Sincerely yours,   Clifford Dean and Robert Rumpf 

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This issue

Photos of the Current Production

Jonathan Nyati, Declan Wilson, Rich Dolphin
Simon (D. Wilson) rejoices as he conducts the Seder, the Jewish celebration of the Passover.
Simon is at first thought to be an intruder, but he has come home to announce that Abraham Lincoln  has been assassinated. 
John (J. Nyati) cringes as Simon forces him to reveal what has happened to his wife and daughter. Simon tells Caleb (R. Dolphin) what it was really like to be a slave.

NDR Radio Report

NDR radio reported on audience reactions to the premiere performance. Below is a button to that report. We sincerely hope you all have an opportunity to experience this highly rated production. 

Early Press Clippings

Hamburger Abendblatt, 06.09.2014 
Familiengeheimnisse, mit Whiskey betäubt
„The Whipping Man“ ist ein sprachlich äußerst gewandtes, vielschichtiges Kammerspiel über Selbstbehauptung, Familie, Freundschaft, Glauben und die Frage, ob man jemanden wirklich lieben kann, den man besitzt. Dramaturgisch raffiniert sich steigernd und von allen drei Darstellern fabelhaft gespielt. Harter Tobak, der die Premierenbesucher am Ende zu „Bravos“ hinriss.

Hamburger Morgenpost, 13.09.2014
Atemberaubendes Stück über das Ende der Sklaverei: „The Whipping Man“ („Der Auspeitscher“) am English Theatre
Am English Theatre entfesselt das Schauspiel „The Whipping Man“ einen wahren Gefühlssturm. Die Zuschauer, von drei großartigen Darstellern in den Bann gezogen, feierten das eindringliche Kammerspiel mit Bravos, Riesenapplaus und Trampeln. ….Dieser bis heute aktuelle Konflikt zwischen Macht, Glaube und Gewissen bestimmt in der eindrucksvollen Inszenierung (Regie: Clifford Dean) den Überlebenskampf der Männer in unsicherer Zeit. Ein Stück, das unter die Haut geht und bewegt.


Peter Leafe

Peter came to us early in his acting career, first (1989—1990 Season) as a young man to play a “passionate" gorilla in a young people’s play that Robert Rumpf wrote called GUNTHER AND THE GANSTERS. He was funny, adding shtick to the production that the kids found hilarious. Later, when he was older (2000—2001 Season) he played a major character in MY FAT FRIEND. Both times he proved to be a great company member as well as a very talented actor and comedian.  We were lucky to have been able to work with him. Sadly Peter died in July of this year.

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