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The English Theatre Of Hamburg


  May, 2016

Dear Friends of The English Theatre of Hamburg, 

Our current production, DANGEROUS OBSESSION by N.J. Crisp, premiered on 28 April and was directed by Guest Director, Philip Dart, who directed Bernard Shaw’s CANDIDA for us last season. We welcome Philip as well as the actors Gabrielle Douglas, Adam Lilley and Tom Rooke to our theatre. Gabrielle and Tom have both worked here before. (See cast and production photos below.) The teaching material for DANGEROUS OBSESSION can be downloaded here

Starting in June you can subscribe to our 2016--2017 Season in which we celebrate the 40th Anniversary of The English Theatre of Hamburg. As always, you can see four plays for the price of three. In June, subscriptions can be obtained online or by phoning the box office (040-227 7089). We have planned an exciting and varied season for you. The plays we will be producing are:

ORPHANS, a play by Lyle Kessler (recently revived on Broadway with Alec Baldwin) 

DON’T LOSE THE PLACE, a comedy by Derek Benfield 

OTHELLO, a play by William Shakespeare

APRIL IN PARIS, a comedy by John Godber (Program subject to change)

Please help us with much needed financial contributions to the theatre as we enter our 40th year. Running a theatre after 39 years does not get easier with the ever rising costs. For information as to how to make a donation, contact the theatre’s office at (040) 227 7925 or write to ethamburg@onlinehome.de. We greatly appreciate your help.

Sincerely yours,
Clifford Dean and Robert Rumpf

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Now playing

The Director

Philip Dart
Photo by Kate Peters

The Cast

Adam Lilley (John Barrett)
Photo by Alexandra Guelff

Gabrielle Douglas (Sally Driscoll)
Photo by Phil Benbow

Tom Rooke (Mark Driscoll)
Photo by Stephen Perry

About The Play

DANGEROUS OBSESSION is one of the British theatre’s most successful psycho thrillers of recent history and one of the highest quality. The play takes place on a sunny afternoon in the Home Counties. Sally Driscoll is watering her plants in the conservatory of her luxurious home. Suddenly John Barrett appears at the door. Sally does not recognize John, but it seems that the Driscolls and the Baretts have met before. After Sally’s husband, Mark, arrives it becomes apparent that John Barrett is “dangerously obsessed” with pinning the blame for a fatal car accident on someone. John secretly locks the Driscolls and himself in the conservatory and pulls out a gun. He then forces Mark and Sally to admit unpleasant and conflicting facets of their lives. The results are shattering.

N. J. Crisp’s psycho-thriller is both timely and universal. One of the characters resorts to the use of a gun to advance what, in his opinion, is justice. Another character finds it difficult to accept the responsibility for his actions. Unlike the classic detective story as written by Agatha Christie, DANGEROUS OBSESSION is a psycho-thriller in which the people are as important as the plot. Instead of treating characters in a superficial way, the figures in DANGEROUS OBSESSION become three-dimensional people whose human emotions are examined. The question is not only “Who did it?” but “Why did he do it?”, “How does he feel about it?” and “What are the human results of his actions?” The psychological development of the characters involved is what is important.

Part of the reason psycho-thrillers are so popular is perhaps because there is a conflict in our own natures between crime and the law. Surely we all sometimes feel the need to break those very laws we know we must have. Crime stories show us something of our own dark side. It is a great medium for a playwright as well because, by putting a person in a crisis and seeing what happens, much of that person’s character comes to light. Good crime writing nowadays not only tells an exciting story, but also says something about the world and society. In DANGEROUS OBSESSION John Barrett says, “All of us must accept responsibility for the consequences of our own actions.” N. J. Crisp’s play lets us feel the emotional shock that this moral precept can have on human lives.

“The author teases us with menacing details . . . Powerfully applies the tricks of suspense.”  THE TIMES

“Increasingly exciting.”  SUNDAY TELEGRAPH

Adam Lilley and Gabrielle Douglas
Photo by Stefan Kock

Adam Lilley, Tom Rooke and Gabrielle Douglas
Photo by Stefan Kock

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