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The English Theatre Of Hamburg


  March, 2014

Dear Friends of the English Theatre of Hamburg,

Reviews of our current production MASS APPEAL have been coming in and we’re happy to tell you that they are overwhelmingly positive. You can read a few excerpts from the reviews below under the heading Press Clippings. We’re in close contact with the author, Bill C. Davis, and the director, Andrew Lynford, (both of whom are currently not in Germany) as well as the actors, Peter Amory and Stephen McGonigle. It is a pleasure to be able to pass on the good news to all of them. Fortunately, they can use “Google Translate” to figure out what our German critics have written about them.

Our next production is at the same time hilarious and intensely dramatic. NATIONAL ANTHEMS by Dennis McIntyre is not a play that you will forget. The teaching material, containing a summary and more information about the play, can now be downloaded by you here. Tickets are already available for this play online and at our box office. You can now use “print@home” to print your own tickets in the privacy of your home.

We hope you’ll plan a visit to the English Theatre soon.

The Directors


Clifford Dean and Robert Rumpf

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Teaching material and a video clip from MASS APPEAL

  • Click here to see a video clip of The English Theatre production of MASS APPEAL.
  • Click here for teaching material for MASS APPEAL.

Photo Gallery

 MASS APPEAL by Bill C. Davis

 (Premiered on 20 February, 2014)

The Actors: Stephen McGonigle and Peter AmoryThe Director: Andrew Lynford
As you can see there is a lighter side 
to the priesthood. Bill C. Davis provides 
a lot of laughs in MASS APPEAL despite 
the play’s serious subject matter.
Mark Dolson, the young idealistic seminary student who wants to become a priest, but runs into difficulty because of his bisexuality  and his strong belief that women should be  able to become priests.Father Tim Farley tells his congregation what  they want to hear rather than what he thinks  they should hear, thereby assuring himself a permanent job in the church and plenty of wine to drink. 



Press Clippings: MASS APPEAL by Bill C. Davis

Die Welt, 24. Februar 2014
Ein packendes Duell zweier Schauspieler. Gelungen: „Mass Appeal“ im English Theatre.


Hamburger Abendblatt, Montag, 24. Februar 2014
Es ist ein erstaunliches und höchst sehenswertes Zweipersonenstück für das English Theatre… Hier liefern sich zwei Männer relative fordernde Dialoge um einen modernen Glauben und wie man ihn den alten Männern verkaufen könnte, ohne dass die sich permanent als “homophobe Autokraten” angeklagt sehen.

Die Inszenierung von Andrew Lynford lebt ganz von den exzellenten Darstellern. BBC-Star Peter Amory gibt den Priester mit Exzentrik und Wortgewalt. …Stephen McGonigle verleiht dem Priesteranwärter Mark Dolson Unerschütterlichkeit und Selbstbewusstsein.


Hamburger Morgenpost, Sonntag, 23 Februar 2014
Wie zwei grundverschiedene Männer es schaffen, füreinander Verständnis zu entwickeln, zeigt das starke Schauspielerduo in witzig-ironischen Wortgefechten zu Orgelmusik und Glockengeläut. Unterhaltsamer Appel für Toleranz und Idealismus.


blogs.angloinfo.com, February 24 2014
Appealing to the Masses Calls for Reflection
Peter Amory embodies Farley’s supplication to acceptance, appearances, equanimity, and status, whereas Stephen Mcgonigle’s Mark typifies a young man’s inquiring naiveté. Both poignantly portray individuals caught in choices each made based on circumstances that existed at another point in time. Astutely directing this recent revision of the play, Andrew Lynford makes use of somewhat unconventional staging albeit inclusive for audiences. by Marinell Haegelin


Hinnerk, März—Ausgabe 2014
Was passiert denn, wenn ein junger Anwärter aufs Priesteramt voll von Erneuerungsdrang auf einen älteren Gottesmann stößt, der innerhalb der Institution schon alle Wege gegangen ist? Reformgedanken über Abtreibung, Zölibat und Frauenordination prallen auf immanente und traditionelle Autoritätsansprüche. Die Offenlegung seiner eignen Bisexualität bringt das Fass schließlich zum Überlaufen … Gefährdet der junge Mann seine Karriere? Ein gleichermaßen unterhaltsames wie informierendes Stück in englischer Sprache.  


Die Auswärtige Presse e.V., Februar 24, 2014
A wonderful play performed by two talented actors and staged by a highly professional director. Congratulations and thanks for a fascinating evening to Peter Amory (Father Farley), Stephen McGonigle (Mark Dolson) and last but not least to Andrew Lynford who has a long record as a theatre director in the UK.

Remembering Lisa Daniely

We were sorry to hear of the death of Lisa Daniely. She played Marion in Alan Ayckbourn’s ABSURD PERSON SINGULAR in our 1997—98 Season. After launching her career in 1951, starring in cinema roles, Lisa went on to play crucial parts in television series and to perform on stage. We were fortunate to be able to work with such a talented and gracious actress. Lisa died on 24 January at the age of 84.

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