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The English Theatre Of Hamburg


  June, 2015

Dear Friends of The English Theatre of Hamburg,

This is the last newsletter of the 2014—2015 Season. We hope you have enjoyed the plays we produced for you. If you have not yet seen THRILL ME by Stephen Dolginoff, time is running out. It closes on 27 June. You can download teaching material for the play here (See photos and press reviews of the show below.)

You will receive the first newsletter of the 2015—2016 Season in August with photos of the actors who will appear in FAT PIG by Neil LaBute. This funny and thought provoking play will be the first production of our next season. For a brief summary of all of the plays we are producing next season you can click here.  Subscriptions will be available to the coming season starting on 1 June. By subscribing you will, as always, be able to see all four plays for the price of three. You can, as usual, book tickets and subscriptions online or by phoning the box office at (040) 2277 089 in June.

Special offer: We are offering a special reduction only to newsletter recipients and their friends who may not yet have seen THRILL ME. If you book tickets at the box office and say the code “99 Years” you will get a €5,-- reduction on all adult price tickets for evening performances, not including those who already benefit from special groups rates. This offer expires on 27 June.

Something new: Starting on 1 June, 2015 we are offering subscriptions to the premieres of all four plays we will produce next season. At the reduced price you can see the plays when the press comes, experience the excitement of opening night and also enjoy a free welcome glass of Sekt! You can, of course, book tickets for any other time as well. All subscriptions will be available for booking starting 1 June.

We wish the best to all of you during the theatre’s summer break and we look forward to seeing you again starting on 31 August, 2015.


The Directors

Clifford Dean and Robert Rumpf

The English Theatre of Hamburg | U-Bahn Mundsburg
Lerchenfeld 14 | 22081 Hamburg | Germany
Fax: 040 229 50 40 | Tickets: 040 227 70 89
This issue

Stephen Dolginoff’s THRILL ME

Video clip of the show:

NDR clip:


Photos by Stefan Kock

Gleb Pavlov plays beautiful music while Sebastian Hill and Guy Woolf sing.


The characters Richard Loeb and Nathan Leopold, two brilliant law students, set fire to a warehouse and watch it burn down. Richard gets a thrill committing arson and he needs Nathan to help him. In exchange for Nathan’s help, Richard makes passionate love with him after each crime. They make a contract stating that each will give the other what he wants and they sign it in blood.


Richard gradually tires of setting fires and robbing houses in Chicago. He wants to commit bigger crimes, and finally talks Nathan into helping him commit murder.

The bond between the two highly intelligent but dangerously obsessed men, who dared to challenge the law of the land, endures even when they are finally caught and sentenced to life in prison. Their lives were spared due to their famous lawyer Clarence Darrow who brilliantly pleaded for twelve hours against the death penalty.

Press Clippings

Hamburger Morgenpost, 27. April 2015
"Standing Ovations. Bravo!"/ "Thrill Me fesselt das Publikum"/ "hervorragende Darsteller"/ "atmosphärisch dichte und packende Inszenierung"
Hamburger Abendblatt, 25./26. April 2015
"Premiere begeistert aufgenommen" / "exzellente Sänger und Schauspieler" / "differenzierte Charakterzeichnung"
Die Auswärtige Presse, 29. April 2015
"erstklassige Mimen" / "Gold in der Kehle" / "einfühlsam inszeniert" / "Großes Lob"

Hamburger Wochenblatt, 13 Mai 2015
Blinder Gehorsam bis zum Mord

English Theatre spielt Dolginoffs Musical "Thrill me" nach einer wahren Begebenheit Guy Woolf (Leopold) und Sebastian Hill (Loeb), die beiden jungen Darsteller aus London die erstmalig am English Theatre spielen, entwickeln diese Erklärung folgerichtig aus ihrer stimmigen und dichten Spiel miteinander, das sie im Gesang bestens zu untermauern verstehen. Der Schluss wartet trotzdem noch mit einer Überraschung auf.

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