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  February, 2015

Dear Friends of the English Theatre of Hamburg,

Derek Benfield’s ANYONE FOR BREAKFAST, which just recently ended its twelve week run, was a big success. The play was so well booked that some of you were not able to see this comedy. To avoid disappointment please book as soon as possible for the current play, CANDIDA by Bernard Shaw. The press reviews to date for this comedy classic are at the bottom of this newsletter.

The teaching material for CANDIDA can be downloaded here

The final play of the season is THRILL ME, a musical thriller by Michael Dolginoff. The show deals with the events around the Leopold-Loeb “Crime of the Century” and the deep passions and obsessions of the people involved. 

Come and join us soon, and please don’t wait until the final weeks of this limited eight-week run of CANDIDA. You might not be able to get a ticket.


The Directors

Clifford Dean and Robert Rumpf

The English Theatre of Hamburg | U-Bahn Mundsburg
Lerchenfeld 14 | 22081 Hamburg | Germany
Fax: 040 229 50 40 | Tickets: 040 227 70 89
This issue

The Cast of Bernard Shaw’s CANDIDA

Premiered on 19 February, 2015

Scene photos by Stefan Kock

Holly Smith (Candida)Richard Ings (Morell)Henry Proffit (Marchbanks)
Claire Andreadis (Prossy)Jack Faires (Lexy)Tony Stansfield (Burgess)



Bernard Shaw had two categories for his plays, those that were “pleasant” and those that were “unpleasant”. CANDIDA he put among the pleasant ones, and it is easy to see why. A box office hit in its time (1904), this British classic continues to be one of Shaw's most popular plays. It deals with a young poet, Eugene Marchbanks, who falls madly in love with Candida, the wife of a respected pastor in London. Eugene is horrified by what he considers to be the mundane life that Candida is forced to lead with her husband, the Reverend James Morell. Eugene confronts Morell, declaring his love for Candida and claiming that the pastor does not deserve such a charming, magnificent wife. What follows is a marriage in crisis, as the couple's comfortable life begins to fall apart, and Candida is forced by the two men to choose between them. Along the way, Shaw makes some witty observations about love, the institution of marriage, the treatment of women in society and the age-old problem of having to choose between the ideal and the practical. Although more than a hundred years have passed since people first saw the play, the story still rings true and the jokes are still as funny as ever.

Press Clippings

Hamburger Abendblatt, 24. Februar 2015
Bernard Shaws „Candida“ überzeugt am Englischen Theater
Mit dieser Fassung von Bernard Shaws klassischer Komödie “Candida” ist dem britischen Theaterregisseur Philip Dart eine sehr überzeugende Produktion gelungen.
Das Ensemble aus professionellen englischen Schauspielern bestreitet Shaws Ehedrama gut verständlich mit vielen unterhaltsamen Wortgefechten. Der Dramatiker war in England mit seinen Ideen seiner Zeit weit voraus, so ist es nicht verwunderlich, dass sein moderateres und humorvolles Werk “Candida”, entstanden um die Jahrhundertwende, noch heute beliebt ist – was nicht zuletzt auch der große Applaus zur auserkauften Premiere im English Theatre beweist.

Hamburger Morgenpost, 23. Februar 2015
Am English Theatre überzeugen besonders die in dieses Ehedrama verstrickten Darsteller: Henry Proffit und Richard Ings als linkischer Möchtegernpoet und aufrechter Gottesmann sind die in ihren Illusionen von der Liebe erschütterten Rivalen. Dritte im Bunde ist Holly Smith: Eine sanftmütige Candida, die sich am Ende schließlich energisch für ihre eigenen Interessen starkmacht.

Hamburger Wochenblatt, 25. Februar 2015
Die englischsprachige Inszenierung im English Theatre vermeidet Experimente und jeden Klamauk: Sie setzt auf solide Darsteller, ein historisierendes Bühnenbild und Dialoge, die den Geist der Zeit widerspiegeln. 

Die Auswärtige Presse e.V., February, 2015
Rejoice habitués of the English Theatre of Hamburg! …Six brilliant British actors and their director Philip Dart fired the audience. Thank you all for this performance.

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