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The English Theatre Of Hamburg


  December, 2013

Dear Friends of The English Theatre of Hamburg,

We hope you will find time during the dark winter days to get to The English Theatre and see one of the funniest plays ever written, RELATIVELY SPEAKING by Alan Ayckbourn. It takes place in the summer! If your spirits need lifting this is the play to see. As you will see from the photos below, old favorites James Walmsley, Jan Hirst and Charlotte Croft have returned to Hamburg to assure that there will be plenty to laugh about this holiday season. Dale Monie is a newcomer to our stage, but we hope to see him in Hamburg again in the future.

After RELATIVELY SPEAKING we will be presenting Bill C. Davis’s humorous but thought provoking play, MASS APPEAL. (We have invited Andrew Lynford, a talented London based free-lance director, to direct this play.) Our last production of the season is NATIONAL ANTHEMS, an intensely gripping play by Dennis McIntyre.

Remember that you can do some quick and easy Christmas shopping for friends and relatives by purchasing gift vouchers for productions at The English Theatre. It is now possible for you to purchase regular tickets online and gift vouchers online and print them at home. You can, of course, continue to download free teaching material from the site. 

We wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Sincerely yours,
The Directors

Clifford Dean and Robert Rumpf



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Gift Vouchers

For the first time ever you can now purchase gift vouchers online and print them out at home! Christmas shopping for friends could not be easier! Just go to this link: Gift Vouchers

About the Play

Greg and Ginny have been together for hardly a month and the relationship is already in trouble. Greg is hurt and confused, not only by all the mysterious phone calls and gifts that Ginny is receiving daily, but also by her decision to take off without him to visit her parents in the country. In reality, Ginny is going to the home of her boss, Philip, to put an end to their affair and to stop the phone calls and the gifts he is constantly sending to her.  Greg, having discovered an address written down by Ginny, follows her to the country, intending to ask Ginny's parents for her hand in marriage. Greg arrives before Ginny does, and finds Philip and his wife Sheila in their garden. Greg assumes, of course, he is meeting Ginny's parents. To complicate matters further, Philip mistakenly gets the idea that Greg wants to marry Sheila, and Sheila is led to believe that Ginny is nothing more than her husband's secretary. What follows is an hilarious series of even more misunderstandings, brilliantly brought to life in what is still considered to be Alan Ayckbourn's best crafted comedy. Underlying the humour, however, are issues about trust, honesty and commitment in relationships, themes that are as challenging and relevant today as they ever were.

Click here to see some video clips of The English Theatre production of RELATIVELY SPEAKING.

Photo Gallery


MorgenPost, 23. November 2013

Beziehungs-Irrsinn am English Theatre

Ein klassischer Fehler führt hier zu großer Komik—und löst bei den Zuschauern im English Theatre Dauergelächter aus. 
Fazit: Unterhaltsamer Beziehungsklassiker!

Hamburger Abendblatt
, November 2013

Am English Theatre ist das Stück nun in einer flotten Version in der Regie von Clifford Dean zu sehen. Mit keinem da oben möchte man tauschen. Unten amüsiert man sich jedoch königlich.

Final press clippings: STONE COLD MURDER

MorgenPost, 26. September 2013

Ein fieses Spiel um Geld und Liebe

„Stone Cold Murder“: Ein packender Thriller am English Theatre!
Es ist vor allem Olivia (großartig: Madeleine Hutchins), die mit ihrer Furchtsamkeit, ihrem Zusammenzucken bei jedem fremden Geräusch und ihrem Misstrauen gegenüber dem unbekannten Ramsey (Nicholas Kendrick) eine Atmosphäre gruseliger Spannung schafft.
Ein abgekartetes, fieses Spiel um Geld und Liebe als raffinierter Krimi (Regie: Robert Rumpf), der mit vielen überraschenden Wendungen auf falsche Fährten führt und zum Mitfiebern und Mitraten verleitet. Packende Unterhaltung!

, 2. September 2013

…Vielmehr durften die Zuschauer Zeugen einer grandiosen Inszenierung eines spannenden Stückes, getragen von einer glänzenden Leistung der Schauspieler werden. James Cawood, der Autor des Stücks, hatte sich einen spannenden Plot mit vielen bis zur letzten Minute sich entfaltenden überraschenden Drehungen und Wendungen einfallen lassen.

In Memory

We were sad to hear that Klaus Witzeling, a theatre critic for the Hamburger Abendblatt, died recently. Klaus was a superb critic, a writer with integrity, but also a caring friend of all of the theatres in Hamburg. We have spoken with him often over the many years of this theatre’s existence and have been touched by his deep concern for the well-being and the future of The English Theatre of Hamburg. We will miss him and his important contribution to the Hamburg theatre scene.

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