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The English Theatre Of Hamburg


  August, 2015

Dear Friends of The English Theatre of Hamburg, 

We have selected an exciting variety of plays for you this season and hope that you will be pleased with our choices. Here is a brief reminder of the coming season:

FAT PIG by Neil LaBute premieres on 3 September, 2015. You can see photos of the cast below and read about this sometimes funny, sometimes serious play in our teaching material by clicking here.
To be directed by Robert Rumpf

NO DINNER FOR SINNERS by Edward Taylor premieres on 19 November, 2015. This hilarious comedy involves five people who end up pretending to be what they are not in order to save face.
To be directed by Clifford Dean.

EDUCATING RITA a comedy by Willy Russell premieres on 18 February, 2016. This popular award-winning play continues to delight theatre audiences around the world. An energetic young adult woman wants to study, something she hasn’t done before. She takes special classes from an older English male professor and in the process snaps him out of his depression from teaching uninterested students year after year.
To be directed by Nick Humphreys

DANGEROUS OBSESSION a thriller by N.J. Crisp is one of the British theatre’s most successful psycho-thrillers of recent history and one of the highest quality. It’s a real nail biter.
To be directed by Philip Dart.

New information:

  • You can now get a subscription for all four of the premieres and join us with a complimentary glass of sekt. Enjoy the excitement that comes with the first night of a show when the press from all over Hamburg comes to see our new production. If you can’t make it to the premiere you can always use your subscription for another night.
  • Matinee subscriptions are now available for those of you who prefer to come to the theatre during the day either on Tuesday or Friday.

We hope we have aroused your interest in the coming season and we look forward to seeing you in our theatre soon.


The Directors

Clifford Dean and Robert Rumpf

The English Theatre of Hamburg | U-Bahn Mundsburg
Lerchenfeld 14 | 22081 Hamburg | Germany
Fax: 040 229 50 40 | Tickets: 040 227 70 89
This issue

About FAT PIG, our first production

How many insults can you hear before you stand up for the woman you love? Tom, a young business executive, meets Helen, an intelligent, funny, but over-weight librarian. They date and fall in love, but Helen’s plus-size causes trouble for Tom back in his office. His best friend and colleague, Carter, treats the relationship as a ridiculous joke and tries to end it, believing that Tom and other attractive people should “run with their own kind.” Meanwhile Jeannie, whom Tom has dated occasionally, treats his new interest in the “fat bitch” as a personal insult. Will Tom have the courage, in spite of social pressure, to continue seeing Helen? Or will he bow to the relentless criticism and mockery of his peers and break off the relationship?

FAT PIG is the winner of the Outer Critics Circle Award for 'Outstanding Off-Broadway Play', and was nominated for the Olivier Award for 'Best New Comedy'. It is a touching love story dealing with our obsession with physical appearance and our discomfort with difference. 

This contemporary American play is “…beautifully written, hilarious, up-to-the-minute relevant.” (New York Post)

The Cast

Ed Sheridan (Tom)
Photo: David Price

Rosalind Seal (Helen)
Photo: Karen Scott

Ziggy Ross (Carter)
Photo: Kim Hardy

Lucy Sinclair (Jeannie)
Photo: Chris Baker

Hamburger Theaternacht

Remember the Hamburger Theaternacht on Saturday, 5 September, 2015 at 19.00 hrs

You pay for one ticket and are “chauffeured” around to theatres in Hamburg to see a scene from the play they are currently presenting. For more information go to www.hamburger-theaternacht.de

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