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  August, 2014

Dear Friends of the English Theatre of Hamburg, 

We have selected an exciting variety of plays for you this season and hope that you will be pleased with our choices. The plays we intend to produce were listed in our May newsletter, but here is a brief reminder of the coming season:

THE WHIPPING MAN by Matthew Lopez premieres on 4 September. You can see pictures of the cast below and read information about this intensely dramatic piece.

 This hilarious farce involves six naughty people who are desperate to keep their infidelities secret. You may know Mr. Benfield’s work from our production of his comedy TOUCH AND GO a couple of years ago.

CANDIDA, the popular British classic by Bernard Shaw, opens on 19 February, 2015. This play will be directed by Philip Dart who is well known for his work at Vienna’s English Theatre as well as in the UK. 

Our final production of the season, THRILL ME by Stephen Dolginoff, opens on
23 April, 2015. This musical thriller will be directed by Paul Glaser, a multitalented, multilingual artist who comes from Sweden, but has worked and resided in Hamburg for many years.

Those of you who subscribe to the season will, as always, be able to see all four plays for the price of three. Just phone our box office for information about how to subscribe: (040) 227 7089.

We sincerely hope that you are pleased with the choice of plays for our 38th Season. Our wish is that you will join us for all four productions and have a fabulous time in this theatre which was created for you.

Sincerely yours, 

Clifford Dean and Robert Rumpf

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It is April, 1865, in Richmond, Virginia. The American Civil War has just ended and the slaves are being freed throughout the South. Soldiers are also returning home. One of them is young Caleb DeLeon, who has been severely wounded. He finds his home in ruins and abandoned, except for two family slaves, Simon and John, who are the only ones who can tend to his wound and nurse him back to health. The three men wrestle with the pain and secrets of their bitter past as master and slaves, while trying to adapt to a new way of dealing with each other in the post war era. The difficulty of reconciliation and the responsibility that comes with freedom are the themes of this gripping new play which, since its opening in New York in 2011, has become one of the most produced plays in the United States.
“Haunting, striking and powerful” - New York Times

Teaching material is available for THE WHIPPING MAN

 Click here to get the teaching material for THE WHIPPING MAN


The Cast

We were fortunate to find a great cast for THE WHIPPING MAN, by Matthew Lopez, when we went to London in July for auditions. All three actors are new to our Hamburg stage, but we hope to see them return in the future. THE WHIPPING MAN begins at the end of the American Civil War. Caleb DeLeon, a young Confederate soldier, played by Rich Dolphin, returns home badly wounded. The grand house that he grew up in is partially destroyed due to the war. Caleb must now come to grips with the wrongs he and his family committed in the past as slave owners and with the fact that he no longer has status and power over his former slaves. Simon, played by Declan Wilson, is a longtime former slave of the DeLeon household. He is a deeply religious man who has adopted the faith of his Jewish masters. Now that he is a free man, Simon insists that his former master, Caleb, ask him to do things, not give him orders. During the play Declan sings a beautiful Negro spiritual. John is another former slave in the same household. Much younger than Simon, he struggles with his newfound freedom. He vacillates between rage over his treatment in the past and cockiness. Bursting with dreams for the future, he survives at present by looting food and valuable items from abandoned houses in the neighborhood.

Declan Wilson

Rich Dolphin

Jonathan Nyati


Graham Kemball

We were informed in July that our dear friend and former co-worker, Graham Kemball, died at age 49 after a brief illness. This news is shocking and so sad for the extended English Theatre family. Many lives were touched by Graham. He started out with us as a good looking young actor in Neil Simon’s comedy PLAZA SUITE. He also appeared in BUTTERFLIES ARE FREE and Shakespeare’s AS YOU LIKE IT. The rest of the time with us he worked as our Stage Manager and was always helpful and reliable in getting each production on stage. Graham’s sense of humor was much appreciated. He made us all laugh, even when the pressure was on. And he was sensitive to other people’s feelings and foibles. Eventually, he left to work in England as a teacher and director, but he remained in touch by email and even travelled back to Hamburg for a visit a couple of years ago. We are heartbroken, but so thankful that Graham shared so much of his precious life with us. 

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