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The English Theatre Of Hamburg


  April, 2015

Dear Friends of The English Theatre of Hamburg,

Stephen Dolginoff’s musical thriller, THRILL ME, directed by Paul Glaser, premieres on 23 April, 2015. This is the final production of our 38th Season. We hope you enjoy this dramatic musical account of what was considered to be “the crime of the century”. The teaching material for THRILL ME can be downloaded here

Starting in June you can subscribe to our 2015--2016 Season and, as usual, see four plays for the price of three. We have planned an exciting and varied season for you. The plays we will be producing are:

FAT PIG, a play by Neil LaBute 
NO DINNER FOR SINNERS, a comedy by Edward Taylor 
EDUCATING RITA, a comedy by Willy Russell
DANGEROUS OBSESSION, a thriller by N. J. Crisp

In June subscriptions to next season’s program can be obtained online or by phoning the box office (040-227 7089).


The Directors

Clifford Dean and Robert Rumpf

The English Theatre of Hamburg | U-Bahn Mundsburg
Lerchenfeld 14 | 22081 Hamburg | Germany
Fax: 040 229 50 40 | Tickets: 040 227 70 89
This issue

Stephen Dolginoff’s THRILL ME

Premieres on 23 April, 2015

Paul Glaser (Director)
Photo by Tania Hall
Sebastian Hill (Richard Loeb)
Photo by Brandon Bishop
Guy Woolf (Nathan Leopold)
Photo by Adam Hills
Gleb Pavlov (Musical Director and Pianist)
Photo by The English Theatre
Arthur Küfuß (Alternate Pianist)
Photo by Niklas Fischer

About The Musical

THRILL ME is based on the true story of Nathan Leopold and Richard Loeb, two highly intelligent, wealthy University of Chicago students who kidnapped and murdered a schoolboy in 1924. Stephen Dolginoff dramatizes the story of the so called “thrill killers” in two time periods, beginning with the 1958 parole hearing of Nathan Leopold. Flashbacks throughout the musical reveal the events that took place in 1924 leading up to and including the infamous “crime of the century”. After the two men were caught, they were convicted and sentenced to life imprisonment. Loeb was killed by a fellow prisoner in 1936 and Leopold was released from prison on parole in 1958.

The story of Leopold and Loeb has often been used in film and theatre: the 1929 play ROPE by Patrick Hamilton, for example, and Alfred Hitchcock’s version of the play in the 1948 film by the same name. Later, movies such as COMPULSION and SWOON were also based on the crime. Stephen Dolginoff is the first person, however, to recreate the Leopold and Loeb story as a musical. Through beautiful, emotional music and sharp, pointed dialogue and lyrics, he gives us deep insight into the characters of Leopold and Loeb and helps us understand why they committed such a horrific, senseless murder. The court trial simply concluded that the two young men murdered their victim for the thrill of it, but this musical version reveals what was pushed into the background at the time—that Leopold was so enamored of Loeb that he allowed himself to be manipulated by Loeb into assisting him with the crime.

A brilliant, unforgettable musical. Sends chills down the spine.” New York Observer

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