Funny Business by Derek Benfield

There are many kinds of comedy: satire, romantic comedy, comedy of manners, comedy drama, comedy thriller and more. FUNNY BUSINESS is farcical comedy which depends more on situation and plot than on character development. Its main purpose is to entertain. In FUNNY BUSINESS the characters are delineated enough to make them interesting, but the plot takes precedence so there is little time to go into personalities in any great depth. The play moves along at a fast pace and its purpose is to provide the audience with two hours of fun. IN FUNNY BUSINESS the character Mr Ferris has agreed to look after his sister's second class hotel but hasn't anticipated the arrival of a notorious hotel critic who intends to write a critique in the Sunday newspaper which will evaluate the service in the hotel. Nor has Ferris foreseen that his arrival will coincide with an assortment of guests who have guilty secrets they do not wish to reveal. Ferris is caught up in a dizzy round of lies and misunderstandings that lead to several cases of mistaken identity and assumptions which turn out to be false. Despite all of the confusion he continues trying to protect the reputation of the hotel in the eyes of the critic, a task made more difficult by the fact that he does not knot which of the guests the critic is!

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