Season 2019/2020



A Thriller by Stephen Mallatratt and Susan Hill, directed by Paul Glaser. Premiere on 5 September 2019; Final Performance 2 November 2019

This is one of London's biggest hits ever. Adapted from Susan Hill's gothic novel, it has been scaring audiences in London's West End for over 30 years. The story concerns a young solicitor who is sent to a remote village to settle the affairs of a woman who recently died. In her eerie old house and on the foggy marshland surrounding it, he encounters frightening sounds and the ghostly appearence of a woman dressed in black. Add to that mystery of a locked door, an empty rocking chair moving back and forth, the cries of a child in peril, a mother's vengeance - and you have all you need for a chilling evening in the theatre.

"A masterpiece" (The Guardian)


A Farce by Derek Benfield, directed by Robert Rumpf.  Premiere on 14 November 2019; Final Performance on 1 February 2020

If you like hilarious farce with a sophisticated plot, then this British offering is for you. The fun begins when Ferris takes over the management of his sister's shady hotel while she is on holiday. Little does he know that a newspaper critic will soon appear anonymously to evaluate the hotel. He also has to deal with the other guests who are all hiding guilty secrets of their own. The result is a wild sequence of lies and missunderstandings as Ferris desperately tries to save the hotel's reputations in the eyes of the critic. But how can he possibly succeed when it is impossible to tell which of the guests is really the critic?

"A must see for lovers of riotous comedy!" (The Stage)



A Play by Alexi Kaye Campbell, directed by Paul Glaser. Premiere on 13 February 2020; Final Performance on 11 April 2020

How do you defend the choises you've made in your life to your grown children? Can your professional life be separated from your private life? Is it wrong to assume your adult children will understand why you did what you did? Yes, they were not mentioned in your memoir, so what!!?? It was a memoir about your work, not your life!! Surely they must understand. Straight from London's West End and Broadway, the critically acclaimed hit by Alexi Kaye Campbell is finally in Hamburg. A wonderfully gripping and fresh play which has captivated audiences since its premiere at the Bush Theatre in London. An absolute Must See!!! The actors, as always, especially cast and flown in from London for this limited run.

"Highly entertaining and deeply affecting." (The Telegraph)


A Comedy by John Patrick Shanley, directed by Clifford Dean. Premiere on 23 April 2020; Final Performance on 20 June 2020

American playwright John Patrick Shanley drew upon his Irish roots to write this dramatic romantic comedy. Set in rural Ireland, it involves Anthony and Rosemary who have lived on neighboring farms all their lives. She has been secretly in love with him since they were kids. He, however, has remained either blind to her feelings or too shy to respond to them. Now nearing middle age, they are thrown into a crisis when Anthony's father threatens to leave the farm to a relative. How they cope with their relationship in the new situation is heartbreaking, but very funny and deeply moving. Will they take a chance on love?

"Mr. Shanley's finest work since DOUBT." (The New York Times)

(Programme subject to change!)

Season 2019/2020

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