Season 2018/2019

SEASON 2018/2019 


A Thriller by James Cawood, directed by Paul Glaser. Premiere on 6 September 2018; Final Performance 3 November 2018 

This new thriller by the author of Stone Cold Murder which The English Theatre produced in 2013 will leave audiences spellbound right up to the final curtain. Full of surprising twists and turns, with just the right amount of comedy and shocks, the play is set in a renovated hunting lodge in the Scottish Highlands. Its sole occupants are playwright Henry Roth and his wife Evelyn. They are awaiting the arrival of a charming and charismatic young actor called Jack Willoughby who wants to audition for a role in the playwright’s next play. The audition, however, soon turns into a nightmare of jealousy, betrayal and physical violence -- all brought to a thrilling climax by the appearance of a mysterious Police Inspector who claims to be investigating a series of brutal murders in the region.


A Farce by Jack Sharkey, directed by Robert Rumpf.  Premiere on 15 November 2018; Final Performance on 2 February 2019

Jeremy Troy is a successful New York lawyer living the American Dream. In fact, his boss is coming to dinner that evening and will be making him a full partner in the law firm. Unfortunately, Jeremy and his wife are visited that day by an old college friend who now lives by sponging off former classmates. When the freeloader discovers that Jeremy has created a fake law degree for himself, he threatens to reveal the fact to Jeremy’s boss unless he is allowed to reside in Jeremy’s house. Disappointed in her husband, the wife walks out on him; and a beautiful but incompetent young model is hired to play her part for the evening. Panic and confusion follow when the boss appears and the wife unexpectedly returns. Can Jeremy survive all the chaos without the truth about his past coming out? Or will he finally be ruined by the web of lies he continues to spin? This is classic farce at its best by one of America’s finest farceurs. 



A Play by Nilo Cruz, directed by Clifford Dean. Premiere on 14 February 2019; Final Performance on 13 April 2019
After her mother’s death an American girl travels to a coastal village in southern Spain to reconnect with her artist father, Emiliano, who abandoned the family ten years earlier. She meets her father’s female companion and falls in love with his Moroccan houseboy, only to discover  that the young man is not only married to the female companion but is her father’s preferred bed partner as well. During the emotional fireworks that follow, the ghost of dead Spanish poet Frederico Garcia Lorca hovers, advising Emiliano on the virtues of being a good father and the pitfalls of sexual passion. This supernatural element, underscored by Spanish classical guitar music and flamenco dance, gives the play a magical, poetic quality reminiscent of Garcia Lorca’s writing.
Nilo Cruz, the Cuban American author of the play, is a Pulitzer Prize winner and one of America’s most promising new.playwrights.


A Comedy by Ron Hutchinson, directed by Paul Glaser. Premiere on 25 April 2019; Final Performance on 22 June 2019
Hollywood, 1939. The iconic movie Gone With the Wind (based on Margaret Mitchell’s best-selling novel) is in full production. But producer David O. Selznick hates the script as well as the direction. So he calls screenwriter Ben Hecht and director Victor Fleming into his office, locks the doors, and demands that the three of them come up with a new screenplay in five days. With conflicting opinions at every turn, and under enormous pressure, the men resort to acting out scenes from the novel themselves in order to create the dialogue for the new script.  They bicker and shout, hurl peanuts and insults at each other. They practically come to fisticuffs over what became some of the most memorable moments in the film. This hilarious comedy, though based on real circumstances, is an imaginative account of the creation of one of the most popular movies of all time.

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Season 2018/2019

The theatre performs from September through June, giving a maximum of seven performances per week. Performances are at 7:30 p.m. from Tuesday to Saturday and at 11:30 a.m. twice a week (Tuesdays and Fridays). Monday evening performances take place the first week and towards the end of the run of a play. Check with the box office (040 / 227 70 89) for specific dates for Monday performances.

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