ROSE'S DILEMMA by Neil Simon

Rose Steiner needs to write another best-seller to stay out of the poor house.  But she has been suffering from writer’s block ever since her lover Walsh McLaren, also a famous author, passed away five years ago. To cope with her loss, Rose imagines that Walsh visits and talks to her every night.  She even has passionate, noisy sex with him—to the great embarrassment of her daughter who lives with Rose.  Now, Walsh says, it is time for him to leave her forever.  But, before he goes, he wants to secure Rose’s financial future. He suggests (or is this Rose’s imagination?) that she complete the writing of his last unfinished novel with the help of a young writer living nearby. Rose’s daughter also tries to help but complicates the situation by falling in love with the charming young man. This sensitive and witty play is Neil Simon’s most recent Broadway hit.


                       Stephen von Schreiber, Victoria Lennox, Laura Murray 

                                   Tom Rooke and Laura Murray


Direction: Robert Rumpf

Set Design: Mathias Wardeck

Set Design Assistance: Frank Bierkandt

Costume Design: Patricia Royo

Costume Trainee: Suse Löchl

Hair and Make-up: Judith Pürschel

Lighting Design: Geoff Humphrys

Stage Management and Properities: Justin Farrow and Rebecca Delmas

Music Supervision: Paul Glaser

London Casting: Gordon Griffin

ROSE'S DILEMMA is presented by special arrangement with International Authors Society, Manhattan Beach, California


ROSE - Victoria Lennox

WALSH - Stephen von Schreiber

ARLENE - Laura Murray

GAVIN - Tom Rooke

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