LOVE IS A TIME OF DAY by John Patrick

As is necessary for a pretty girl with her own student apartment, April McGregor has learned to fend off wolves; although she is hard pressed to cope with Skipper Allen, a particularly persuasive graduate student who is convinced that her secret wish is to have him move in with her

Thanks to a bad back, which suddenly acts up and leaves him temporarily immobile, Skipper unexpectedly achieves his goals, although not with the pliant acceptance he has hoped for

But then his challenge is to win April over to his amorous point of view, which results in a series of uproarious happenings, plus near expulsion for both of them

What finally almost thaws the steadfastly proper heroine is jealously, managed through the unlikely, and silent, assistance of a department- store dummy

But the ruse is discovered in time to preserve honor, and even the indomitable Skipper ultimately concedes defeat. However, true love comes to the fore when the two, at last, share a real and genuine moment of loss, which tells them how mature and meaningful their relationship could and should be.

          Keith Tanner and Fionna MacDonald

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