FUNNY ABOUT LOVE by Terence Frisby

Rosie's so busy 'saving the world' and generally enjoying her cosy, comfortable life style that it comes as a major blow when 52 year old husband, Piers, dumps her for his young secretary Larissa. - So how will this ordinary middle-class housewife pick up the shattered pieces of her life… a passionate affair with Darren the young car thief, conspiring to commit a massive insurance fraud, inviting her husband and his lover to move in with her…. That's not the half of it! Revel in a rollercoaster ride of madcap comedy as this stylish and ultimately moving story unfolds. FUNNY ABOUT LOVE is the hilarious comedy by Terence Frisby, author of the world-wide smash hit play, THERE'S A GIRL IN MY SOUP, which later became a blockbuster film starring Goldie Hawn and Peter Sellers.


Direction: Robert Rumpf

Set Design: Mathias Wardeck

Set Design Assistance: Rodrigo Diaz Sanchez

Costume Design: Patricia Royo

Lighting Design: Geoff Humphrys

Stage Management and Properties: Justin Farrow and Rebecca Delmas

Musical Supervision: Paul Glaser

Hair Styling and Make-up: Maya Fahrenkrug

London Casting: Gordon Griffin

TUNNY ABOUT LOVE is presented by special arrangement with The Agency Ltd., London


ROSIE BOSTON - Debbie Radcliffe


PIERS BOSTON - James Walmsley


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