From its first performance in 1984, this light-hearted British comedy has been a favourite with audiences and critics alike. It concerns a middle-aged family man, Charles, who has had a brief affair in New York with an American girl. Back in England now, he believes he covered his tracks by not giving her his address or phone number. But she manages to find him anyway and appears one evening on his doorstep!  Keeping her true identity from his wife, Margery, throws Charles and his brother (who aids in the deception) into a series of complications made worse by the arrival of the brother’s wife. And, to complicate matters further, it appears that Margery herself is keeping a romantic secret. 




Direction: Clifford Dean

Set Design: Mathias Wardeck

Set Design Assistance: Dirk Blötner

Costume Design: Jutta Kreischer

Lighting Design: Geoff Humphrys

Stage Managemet and Properties: Justin Farrow and Rebecca Delmas

Hair and Make-up: Judith Pürschel

London Casting: Gordon Griffin

DON'T MISSUNDERSTAND ME is presented by special arrangement with ERIC GLASS Ltd., London.


MARGERY - Jan Hirst

CHARLES - James Walmsley

ROBERT - Stephen Chance

JAYNIE - Madeleine Hutchins

JANE - Liz Garland

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