A lovely young girl who works on a magazine in New York is engaged to a serious and pompous young business executive. He adores her in his fashion, but has a ragtag time smoothing relations between the carefree girl and his stuffy family especially after that night at a champagne reception when she started to disrobe. Now he must be eternally vigilant to prevent any further embarrassing strips. He calls on his uncle, a psychiatrist, for assistance. It seems that, deep down inside, the girl does not love her stuffy fiance; hence her champagne complex. With Donald Cook in the role of the psychiatrist, it's easy to see why the girl finally settled for his bedside manner. 


                                                     Eloise Jaffer

The English Theatre of Hamburg e.V. is a private, professional theatre, the first to be founded in the whole of Germany.

It is subsidized in part by the Hamburg Ministry of Culture and is a non-profit organization and a member of the Deutscher Bühnenverein. Enjoy one of our evening or daytime performances of an English language play. Our international audience includes students of English as well as native speakers.

We present distinguished plays of all genres in the original English on a professional basis in our efforts to contribute to international communication through language and the art of the theatre.