Bernard, an American architect living in Paris, thinks he has the perfect set-up. He has proposed marriage to three beautiful young women of different nationalities: Italian, German and American. Each one is an airline hostess, and thanks to their different stopover times in Paris, Bernard is able to entertain them separately in his at without them knowing of each other’s existence. His plan is perfect until the inevitable happens. Due to stormy weather and delays, ight schedules are suddenly changed and all three women show up the same day on Bernard’s doorstep. Result: panic and chaos. Luckily, Bernard’s housekeeper and an old friend are there to help him hide the three women in separate bedrooms. But how long will this work? Originally a long-running hit in London in the late Sixties, Boeing- Boeing received Broadway’s prestigious Tony Award in 2008 for Best Revival of a Play. 

BOEING BOEING feierte 1060 in Paris Premiere und wurde weitergespielt über einen Zeitraum von 19 Jahren. Die englische Version wurde zwei Jahre später in London uraufgeführt und lief sieben Jahre lang. Drei Jahre nach Beginn der Laufzeit in London wurde das Stück mit  Tony Curtis und Jerry Lewis in den Hauptrollen verfilmt. 1991 bekam es einen Eintrag ins Guinnes Buch der Rekorde als das am häufigsten produzierte französische Theaterstück der Welt. BOEING BOEING wurde im Jahr 2007 mit Mark Rylance im Londoner West End aufgeführt. Ein Jahr später lief diese Inszinierung am Broadway, wo sie sechs Tony Award Nominierungen und zwei  Tony Awards, darunter Best Revival eines Schauspiels und Bester Schauspieler (Mark Rylance), gewann.


Direction: Clifford Dean

Set Design: Mathias Wardeck

Costume Design: Carmen Maria Salomon

Lighting/Sound Design: Ralf Junker

Properties/Stage Management: Rebecca Delmas

Set Design Assistant: René Ahnert

Hairstyling: Birgit Wolf

Music Supervision/Choreography: Paul Glaser

London Casting: Gordon Griffin MBE

BOEING BOEING is presented by special arrangement with ERIC GLASS LTD, 25 Ladbroke Crescent, London W11 1PS


Marc Camoletti (1923-2003) was born a French citizen of Italian descent in Geneva, Switzerland. After trying his hand at painting, he discovered that his real talent was writing for the theatre. Although best known for his hugely popular farce BOEING BOEING, he also penned a string of other international stage hits during a career of more than forty years. His plays have been produced in fifty-five countries, reaching millions of people. Among his succsesses are comedies such as LA NONNE ANNA, L'AMOUR PROPRE, DUOS SON CANAPE, HAPPY BIRTHDAY, LE BLUFFEUR, LA CHAMBRE D'AMI and DON'T DRESS FOR DINNER which The English Theatre of Hamburg produced in 2002. Marc Camoletti was awarded Knight of the Legion Honor, one of France's greatest honours, for his outstanding contribution to the theatre. He passed away in 2003 at the age of 79.


BERNARD - James Walmsley

GLORIA - Charlotte Knowles

BERTHE - Jan Hirst

ROBERT - Stephen Chance

GABRIELLA - Holly Smith

GRETCHEN - Madeleine Hutchins

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