After her mother’s death an American girl travels to a coastal village in southern Spain to reconnect with her artist father, Emiliano, who abandoned the family ten years earlier. She meets her father’s female companion and falls in love with his Moroccan houseboy, only to discover  that the young man is not only married to the female companion but is her father’s preferred bed partner as well. During the emotional fireworks that follow, the ghost of dead Spanish poet Frederico Garcia Lorca hovers, advising Emiliano on the virtues of being a good father and the pitfalls of sexual passion. This supernatural element, underscored by Spanish classical guitar music and flamenco dance, gives the play a magical, poetic quality reminiscent of Garcia Lorca’s writing.
Nilo Cruz, the Cuban American author of the play, is a Pulitzer Prize winner and one of America’s most promising new.playwrights. 

Nach dem Tod seiner Mutter fährt ein amerikanisches Mädchen an einen Küstenort im Süden Spaniens, um ihr Verhältnis zu ihrem Vater Emiliano zu stärken. Dieser hatte die Familie 10 Jahre zuvor verlassen. Sie trifft seine neue Lebensgefährtin, verliebt sich in seinen marokkanischen Hausangestellten und entdeckt nicht nur, dass der junge Mann mit der Frau verheiratet ist, sondern auch ein Liebesverhältnis mit ihrem Vater hat. Im Zuge dieses emotionalen Feuerwerks hat Emiliano Wahrnehmungen zum Geist des verstorbenen Dichters Federico Garcia Lorca, der ihn an die Tugenden eines guten Vaters und an die Tücken der sexuellen Leidenschaft erinnert. Untermalt von spanischer klassischer Gitarre und Flamenco, gibt dieses übernatürliche Ereignis dem Stück eine magisch poetische Stimmung, die stark an Lorcas Schreiben erinnert.  Nilo Cruz, der Südamerikanische Autor des Stücks wurde mit einem Pulizerpreis ausgezeichnent und ist einer der vielversprechenden neuen amerikanischen Autoren. 


Direction: Clifforn Dean

Set Design: Mathias Wardeck

Costume Design: Patricia Royo

Music and Dance Supervision: Paul Glaser

Lighting/Sound Design: Heiko Böttner

Properties/Stage Management: Rebecca Delams and Bianca Maes

Set Design Assistant: René Ahnert

Hairstyling Birgit Wold

London Casting: Gordon Griffin MBE

BEAUTY OF THE FATHER is presented by special arrangement with S. Fischer Verlag GmbH, Frankfurt/Main


EMILIANO - Joseph Rye / Rob Pitcher

MARINA - Jess Pritchard


PAQUITA - Holly Smith 

KARIM - Theo Bougouneau


Nilo Cruz (born 1960) is a contemporary playwright who has been called one of America's most authentic as well as poetic voices. Most of his writing could be categorized as magical realism in the tradition of other Latin American authors. In 1970 he emigrated with his family from Cuba and settled in Miami's Little Havana, USA, when he was ten years old. His interest in theatre began with acting and directing in the early 80s before later taking up playwriting. He first became well known for his play ANNA IN THE TROPICS, for which he won the Pulitzer Prize for Drama and the Steinberg Award for Best New Play in 2003. Since then his dramatic works have been performed in theatres, throughout the United States. In addition to BEAUTY OF THE FATHER (2007), some of the author's more recent plays, include THE COLOR OF DESIRE, HURRICANE, SOTO VOCE, BATHING IN MOONLIGHT and EXQUISITE AGONY. Nilo Cruz is also a respected pedagogue, having taught playwriting at Yale University, Brown University and the University of Iowa. He currently lives in Miami and New York City.

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