BAD BLOOD by Richard Stockwell

BAD BLOOD was first presented at the Theatre Royal, Windsor on 28 January, 2003. Doug Rollins, the husband of Pamela Hall, played the role of Jack in the original production. Pamela has appeared recently in I OUGHT TO BE IN PICTURES and APRIL IN PARIS at The English Theatre of Hamburg. In the play, Tom and Victoria are an ideal couple with everything money can buy, when they discover that she cannot produce a child and heir. Then, suddenly, ghosts from Tom’s past start appearing. A girl turns up claiming to be his long lost daughter from a previous relationship. Tom’s wish to be a father seems to be fulfilled, but the girl’s arrival sets off an escalating spiral of suspicion, greed and murder, as blood ties and life-long friendships are put to the test in this gripping new thriller. BAD BLOOD has been described as a rollercoaster ride of twists and turns where no one is quite who they seem to be. With undercurrents of sexual tension and jealous passion, the play cuts its way to the ultimate endgame—murder. 


                                     Ben Wigzell and Venetia Deane

                 Also in the cast: Julian Agnew, Holly Weston and Michael Garland


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