This comedy by one of Britain's most popular playwrights is a brilliantly funny link at the English abroad. Al and Bet lead a quiet, boring life in Yorkshire. After twenty years of working for the same company, he has lost his job and cannot find another one. Frustrated with their life and worried about their future, the marriage has stagnated. Then she wins a "Romantic Breaks" competition in a magazine. The prize: a holiday for two in Paris. This is their first experience traveling abroad and it has a profound effect on the way they afterwards view their life and the world. They sort out French cuisine, struggle with the French language, art, strange sexual mores and fight off muggers in the Metro, etc. The play is about the re-awakening of interest, the blossoming of talents and the re-energising of a relationship. It is also about finding some identity with the world outside your own country.

"genuinely funny..." The Times

"brilliantly simple, powerful piece of popular theatre." The Guardian


Al - Ralph Bogard

Bet - Cathy Conneff

Creative Team

Direction - Dan Phillips

Set Design - Mathias Wardeck

Costume Design - Patricia Royo

Lighting/Sound Design - Justin Farrow

Properties/Stage Management - Rebecca Delmas

Set Design Assistant - René Ahnert

Hairstyling - Birgit Wolf

Music donated by Ben Tansey and Simon Arrowsmith

London Casting - Gordon Griffin MBE

APRIL IN PARIS© John Godber 1993

Copyright Agent: Alan Brodie Representation Ltd.


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