ALONE TOGETHER by Lawrence Roman

What's to be done when grown children return home to live with their parents? George and Helene's kids have finally left the nest. Now the middle-aged couple are alone together and have time to renew their romance that has suffered while raising the family. Or so they think. Within a week, all three sons come running back home after experiencing some hard knocks in the real world—and Mom and Dad have a lot of trouble pushing them out again. A huge hit on Broadway in 1985 and a major success in Germany under the title of “ENDLICH ALLEIN,” this wise and witty play continues to delight audiences the world over. It is very entertaining, but at the same time it asks important questions. When should parents expect their children to stand on their own two feet? Should parents train their children starting at an early age to be independent, and to prepare them for the future when they will be on their own? Do young people need to be more aware that after a certain age their parents   have the right to privacy and do not deserve to be burdened with the problems of their children? Are there any hard and fast rules concerning the time in life when all of us should accept responsibility for ourselves, and when is it actually advisable to seek parental help?





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