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Germany's oldest professional English Theatre

Enjoy one of our evening or daytime performances of an English language play. Our international audience includes students of English as well as native speakers. We present distinguished plays of all genres in the original English on a professional basis in our efforts to contribute to international communication through language and the art of the theatre.
The theatre is on the first floor of Hammonia Bad, Lerchenfeld 14, 22081 Hamburg. Parking is available (just two euros from 6:00 p.m. until midnight) in the underground garage directly behind the building in which the theatre is located.             

Ticket Hotline

040 / 227 70 89

Mon-Sat 9-20 hrs / Sun 13-20 hrs

Box Office

Lerchenfeld 14
Mon-Fri 10-14 hrs /
Mon-Sat 15.30-18.30 hrs

What's playing

NATIONAL ANTHEMS by Dennis McIntyre premieres on 1 May.

Arthur and Leslie Reed have just given a party after moving into a high-class neighborhood in a suburb of Detroit, Michigan. Ben, a man from the neighborhood, unexpectedly knocks on their door and invites himself in. He admires the expensive possessions the Reeds have and they are pleased that he is impressed. Unlike Arthur and Leslie, Ben is not financially successful and he lacks their social prestige, but he has struggled all his life to achieve these goals. He is proud that as a fireman he got his name in the newspaper the previous week for trying to rescue a woman from a blazing fire. He believes this was an act of heroism even though he was fired for disobeying orders while trying to...

Category: Whats playing, 2011-2012

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Season 2014/2015

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NATIONAL ANTHEMS by Dennis McIntyre premieres on 1 May.

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