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DANGEROUS OBSESSION by N. J. Crisp premieres 28 April


DANGEROUS OBSESSION is one of the British theatre’s most successful psycho thrillers of recent history and one of the highest quality. The play takes place on a sunny afternoon in the Home Counties. Sally Driscoll is watering her plants in the conservatory of her luxurious home. Suddenly John Barrett appears at the door. Sally does not recognize John, but it seems that the Driscolls and the Baretts have met before. After Sally’s husband, Mark, arrives it becomes apparent that John Barrett is “dangerously obsessed” with pinning the blame for a fatal car accident on someone. John secretly locks the Driscolls and himself in the conservatory and pulls out a gun. He then forces Mark and Sally to...

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Teaching material is available for N. J. Crisp's DANGEROUS OBSESSION and Lyle Kessler's ORPHANS. To download the teaching material go to