by Marc CamolettiEnglish version by Beverly Cross and Francis Evans

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I'll Be Back Before Midnight! by Peter Colley

Full of action and twists, with just the right amount of comedy thrown in, this popular thriller keeps you spellbound from start to finish. The story: Jan is recovering from a nervous breakdown and has just been released from the hospital. Her husband Greg brings her to an old farmhouse in the countryside to relieve the stress of living in the city. But the new surroundings do little to calm Jan’s nerves. A nearby farmer is full of horror stories about murders and ghosts in the neighbourhood. Then Greg’s sister Laura appears unexpectedly. Her interest in Greg strikes Jan as more than just sisterly affection. Suddenly, terrifying things, accompanied by frightening noises, begin to occur in the house. Are they real, or is Jan simply imagining things as everyone tells her?